Review of Skoda Octavia Tour 1.8 l turbo 2008 by John from Kharkov

Skoda Octavia

Year, mileage: 2008, 40.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.8 turbo petrol

Body type: liftback, 5 DV.

Overall rating

read the reviews and wonder!! how I fares at the car 1.5 years have not felt all the charms which here write happy owners of this miracle of the car. just want to ask a question to the authors praising the pelvis on wheels. what you had moved?

a little bit about yourself. this is the last. Ford Mondeo 98 2.0 fur. Chevrolet Lacetti. 1.6 fur. Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 fur. today Mazda сх7. and Honda accord 2.4 Avtomat. so there is nothing to compare. so among all the cars that had slipped and Skoda. not just the A5 Octavia. with 1.8 turbo engine, climate and all sorts of crap.. Not much history what is Octavia. it is primarily a car techno release 1996. on the platform of the Golf not the Passat as some people think. 96. it is already disc brake, rear cross beam on which stupidly hang 2 wheels. well and appearance. so to speak. What is A5? it’s all the same, only with the independent type suspension. ie is the beam 2 of the lever, and upgraded the interior with a tape recorder. but all this wow but worth going as much as 25,000.e . needless to say, marketers have tried. push in on already useless and outdated platform beautiful popochki and buttons. to call it all A5 (such as Audi) the question immediately arises where A4, A3, etc hell knows. and sell it all for mad money.

now about technology in General. motor 1.8 turbo is the only thing that is good. dynamics 9 sec to moan. acceleration — overtaking — no problem. and it is still and at speed on the highway up to 160 + city of some 10 liters of fuel. But everything else — is a quiet horror.

steering no. moreover, at speeds from 160 to 190, more it is not. who would have spoken. I do not believe (without a chip) so that speed, the machine is not operated. I unaccustomed after the chord a little from the road flew away with a sudden maneuver when overtaking with care to the side while pressing the brakes. ass throws. the front end bite. the buildup is crazy. seat sucks. no support. landing behind the wheel. horror. to get the type to lie down in a pose Ala nine, no how. sitting on a stool. in short, while the trip from Kyiv to Kharkiv (500km) I have the impression that I was flying at the basin with bolted wheels jumping from pits on the mound. to feel what I’m saying. take off your car immediately after the bus stop in a normal car. the type of chord, or even focus in order to be fair in the classroom. but do not forget that the A5 is the same as 2.0 a chord on mechanics. so to compare? when rebuilding huge rolls, under heavy braking skidyvat ass and constantly is the demolition of the rear axle.

as for the interior. just look at the wings. where the bottom bar on the dashboard why stick in climate, which control is not realistic, especially when 5 on. transfer. why to manage?? and then, at 19 deg. the cold is not real and at 20 heat. so always klucel. the interesting thing is the cigarette lighter. I don’t smoke, but the devices are working from the side nugawela his services. so note where it is.? between the seats near the latch of the seat belt. ??? now think about how to charge such as navigation which hangs on the glass. or phone to. to put not where. or Registrar traffic. and what he there ALONE??? !! and devices as min. personally I have 2 + phone in General sat down and saw the light. spat. dug bradaczek, pulled the bulb and wires connected one cigarette lighter. on the other way.

now a few words about Octavia and A5. the interior is certainly interesting. I do not argue. a solid 4. the rear row of seats has significantly grown. last behind the knees didn’t really fit. and EVERYTHING!! the motor is the same… FA ry other I do not argue, but the price tag??? sorry for the money full sentences. Citroen C4!! A chord!! Jetta!! Corolla. Mazda, Focus. welcome!!!

The pros of the car:1.8 t — super motor!! rapid economical!! very soft!! a huge trunk.

Cons of the car:no handling, no brakes! especially with motorm feel the 1.8 t is very expensive to maintain. prices Foltz. very little space ass passengers. unreasonably high price

Advice to buyer: look around! view competitors for the money. for the money it is really possible to take a class above.

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