Review of Skoda Octavia A7 Combi 1.4 l turbo 2018 from the Glory of

Skoda Octavia

Year, mileage: 2018, 1.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.4 turbo petrol

Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 7.5 l/100km, on the highway: 6.0 l/100km, average: 7.0l/100km

Today I want to write about your car which I bought 1.5 months ago. Specifically about Skoda Octavia 2018. And so it started. In December of 2017 asked a question to change the car. Until that time, went to Chevrolet Cruze 2013, automatic, fully loaded, 1.4 turbo, 140 l/C. the Car was fine never let us down.

Mileage at the end of 2017 80,000 thousand Warranty is over, it is time to buy something new. Traveled to salons, taking into account treid-in and cash a loan basically did not want to take, it turned out that the SUV not to rent or take in the most minimum configuration. It did not suit me. And then accidentally drove into the dealership that sells Skodas. Although Skoda is in principle not considered as an option, well not like the German salons. All square and perpendicular. It turned out that in 2017 came the redesigned model Skoda Octavia with the updated «face».

Looked appearance liked his wife, too. Took a ride on the test drive. Spoke to the Manager. In General the car in the first approximation, liked. There were doubts about DSG, but I read the reviews on different forums, it became clear that the problems boxes in the past. Conferred with the wife and decided to buy it. Especially for treid-in discount of 50,000 rubles.

Decided to take the maximum complete set, 1.4 turbo, 150 HP, DSG 7 article + packages (it’s supposedly German). Winter package (electric heat tracing was also adopted glass, heated steering, all heated seats), rear view camera with washer and janitor rear window, chrome package. And that car was just 2018.

Generally I counted 1346000 RUB Well amounted to a preliminary contract, made an advance payment of 10000rub. Wait. Comes 2018 and then it began. Call the Manager at the end of January and says the car went up by 27 000 RUB. Ask, but what’s the reason for price increase? Dollar jumps, Eclipse of the sun? Hesitates, says nothing intelligible. Okay, agreed. After some time again call, they say they have removed the discount treid-in on Octavia 2018. This is probably what would be better sold. Again, nothing intelligible for the abolition of discounts are not revealed. Okay, wait.

In mid-March, the call came the car, drove up, we shall see. He came, looked, everything seems normal, passed your Chevrolet in treid-in, rated, just say 40,000 RUB less than initially estimated, a bit to wrestle with them in the end threw 20000 RUB on a Chevy. In General the price of Skoda came out in the end 1373000руб. with the above packages. Floor mats I refused to give, not to mention winter tires. In General, The Skoda «Semple Cleve». I bought the floor mats in online store is much better than the standard, winter tires and rims. And then they have the regular wheels on 16 10000rub per piece.

Generally enough about the purchase. It took 1.5 months as I am a «happy» owner Skoda Octavia. Mileage 1500 km just in the city, average consumption: 7.5 — 8 L. In principle, the car happy, heat, sound insulation is very good, the cabin is quiet. Regular media «Balero» is quite on the level. Handling is very good. suspension moderately soft, but at the same time not Valka, in General, that is necessary. In General everything seems to be satisfied, but there are some little things that annoy and injected into confusion about what developers think.

When they bought me some «comrades» were told that this motor eats oil, but a month and a half oil at the same level. Check once a week. Soon going to Siberia: Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Barnaul. View how to behave in the far rastani.

Car cons:— No backlight vanity mirror lights in the visors, even though Rio and Solaris is, although they are much cheaper.

— Salon 1 12 V socket and 1 220 V socket, why the 220V outlet, I’m a kettle to boil going. No what I would do 2 sockets 12 V or to choose from, want 12, want 220. In Chevrolet in the salon had 2 12V outlets, very convenient; On.

— The fuel tank in the Skoda with a capacity of 50 l, although in principle such a large machine, this in my opinion is not enough and what is most interesting. The fuel gauge on the dashboard is divided into 8 segments. That is, divide 50 by 8, it turns out something on the order of 6.25 to l in a single segment, how to calculate how much need to top up the tank and what to say at the gas station. Add me for example, 18, l and 750 grams. And yet, the on-Board computer for example shows that the tank can be filled, for example 20 l, sensor I see that 28 liters, is 26 what the hell..

— Buttons of the cruise control are on the wheel, like everyone else, and the switch turns, quite uncomfortable. Intuitively it does not include.

— Small side mirrors, while a few days accustomed.

— 3 USB, one front and 2 rear, in the armrest, but as it turned out, the rear is only through them that would charge, well, like a phone or laptop, but next to the socket on 220V, what’s it all pile up.

— The armrest is covered with a cloth which I think in six months all satalites. That was hard on some sort of faux leather to make something.

— Working wipers on the left side is not a purified space of about 3 cm, a bit annoying, why not to stand it. It’s all basically little things, but in the car for nearly 1400000 RUB. I would not want it to draw attention.

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