Review of Renault Megane Hatchback 1.6 l 2016 Bohdan Ivanov from Kharkov

Renault Megane

Year, mileage: 2016, 3.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 10.0 l/100km, on the highway: 7.0 l/100km, average: 8.5l/100km

Good day to all. When I bought the car I found very few reviews on Renault Megane 4, so I decided to write a review for those who are still looking and thinking about buying the car.

Bought the car in early November in 2017 and specially aged two months to dash off some mileage and save up interesting statistics in addition to words what a nice car and I love it.

I can say that before this I had a Renault Simbol, which was 380 tons. and which never failed. Well, from Cathal’s 7th years in Reno, I consciously inclined for the same brand. Plus bribed galvanized body, who went 5 years with bare metal and did not rust (until the paint polishing prior to sale) and indestructible and comfortable suspension. Another advantage in favor of the Renault was the fact that our firm (distribution of goods) buys 90% of cars Renault various models (cars, trucks) and I know how they go and how to break. Plus we have our own HUNDRED, which is the same machine repairs. In General, realizing everything written above, the choice was practically made, but I still reviewed a few cars Corola, Octavia and Focus Koreans are not considered essential. All of these machines has its advantages — but I still took a Renault 4 hatch, which cost me 545 T. UAH.(history will record the price in dollars — $20.5 t). I took the average complete set ZEN with dviglom 1.6 petrol automatic with almost all the extra options – in fact, I would not take, but it was a promotional car 2016 model years and the difference in price with the same, but the newer years of cars was about 60t.UAH. ($2.3 t).
When choosing a car for me the most important was the automatic transmission and an atmospheric petrol engine. Diesel I basically didn’t want, since I don’t like to warm the car in the morning (with a benzo simply — sat down and went) plus a small mileage – home-work-home = 25km. You ask where Simbole mileage in 380т.km – all it’s just a POPEREDNIK dashed (ex machines).

Bought the car even more interesting. I the car did not see and did not feel, all documents and Deposit to 2000gr. (for shipping from Kiev) I did remotely, and the credit I was issued also remotely. I’m in the dealership came only at the time of the transaction, looked at car, signed some papers, gave the loot (downpayment) and went to the Bank to apply for a loan. There in the Bank I have issued all and gave the title to the car and the next morning I picked up my Renault Megane with the dealership.

Car and game questions almost was not, except for one — my car was dirty rubber on the sides. I have a Manager ask what the heck well, he said that this should be. And I did not start with the salon because of this.

On the same day I saw that rubber without antennae while the new rubber on this model should be with a mustache (moustache simply fell off), the feeling that this rubber passed 5-7T. km. and sold it to me.

Any idea what the mustache has disappeared due to time and temperature changes. The car rolled off the Assembly line in January of 2016, most likely in the warehouses of Reno is fresh rubber, and rubber has at least 3 years.

Now at the machine — the machine has been 3500км of them 1700км on the highway:

Appearance — really like the people turns around and it is very nice although it’s not for long.

The interior is too steep, passengers praised.

Dynamics — normal, but to drive You do not get the more on the machine. When overtaking a delay of about 0.5 seconds, but you get used to it and prepare the box by pressing on the accelerator pedal. I can say that to me after Simbol 1.4 of this motor enough. Who needs dynamics take the Octavia 1.8.

Box is tuned more for a comfortable ride, but you can drive. Unfortunately manual mode in life as does not help, probably in the winter at ice — check. When spirited driving box opposite it (or I tuplyu) — in General this regime, I made friends. Ever thought of fuel will save — but no, eating more. When you go 10km per hour in manual mode and fills in 2nd gear, then the box itself moves it again in 1st gear. At the speed of 170-180 km per hour running normally in the range of 5-6T. rpm for smooth, but if there is a small lift, then box at this speed will shift gears.

Suspension — comfortable, quiet (some Japanese crossovers and sedans From class to just relax on the sly). Pendant suspension energy-intensive is a bit like the Simbol for the ingestion of Yam. Resistance is very good – at the speed of 180 km per hour holds the road well. Prior to Kharkov from Pesochin I was racing the Ford Kuga (2011) so I stayed behind him and couldn’t overtake, but only on the long turn at speed of 140-150km per hour I walked Kuga just because Ford dumped the ass and he stopped chasing. Also a very good thing, ESP – wet road at high speed in turn triggered the stability system and it allows to go to lower voltage. On the ice cap a couple of races too practiced.

Fuel consumption — I was upset. In the run mode (up to 1T. km.) in the city she ate 9.5 liters. After running, when I started to press the pedal began to eat 10 litres. If you roast at full city, it turns out consumption of 11-12 liters. If You have a small city and traffic lights with pedestrian walkways on each corner, then You have a flow in the mode of the pensioner will also be 11 liters is all because of the machine. And so the track, I’ve been experimenting and here’s what happened — when and economical riding (ECO mode) at speeds of 100-110 km/h is 7 l if the road is empty and if the road is loaded — 7.5 HP Tried it on a cruise to go at different speeds and average fuel consumption is at a speed of 90 km/h — 6.5 L., 120km/h is 7.5 l, 130km/h — 8L, 140km/h — 9L, 150km/h — 10l, 160km/h — 11hp, 170km/h — 12L, 180km/h — 13л. I think after 5-7T. km consumption must fall – will monitor. And Yes, dviglo oil does.

The comfort at the best. I guess this machine is specially tuned for comfort and I passed on one breath 600km and the slightest bit tired. But with landing you need to play as the hood is high and you can’t see what’s going on in front of the car (I like to ride in semi-prone position).

Visibility — bad. The front is not visible on a meter that front bumper. Due to the massive boner all the visibility bad, and through the rear window you can see only dimensional objects or another vehicle. To Park without sensors and camera very difficult. The dimensions of the front and ass don’t feel so sensors need to buy if anyone decide on buying Megana.

What I liked or what 5 five things I would buy for sure (ABS, glass lifts and so on. I don’t bear in mind):

1. Automatic transmission,
2. Key hands free,
3. Camera+Sensors,
4. Automatic handbrake
5. Heated seats.

Shoals or areas for development:

1. Adjustment knob seat height when the seat is in highest position when wypasanie body of the car is the body is almost always presses the foot on the lever, thereby lowering the seat. And after 3-5 times jumping out of the car again to raise the seat. (my height is 172cm.)
2. With my height at 172cm I’m not hard to fall out of the car, but if You have growing will be more, You definitely will cling to the head of the door opening from the top.
3. Despite the fact that Renault has been working on my trunk still in this place enough if you compare with the Simbol which the boot of the 500L. Here the recipe is simple take the sedan. I got the sedan just because of the fact that it was not in such a configuration and the price of the average sedan configuration was 30t.UAH.($1.2 t) HECA more expensive.

Car pros:appearance, comfort, reliability, running.

Cons of the car:Great fuel consumption.

Advice to buyer: If to summarize the above written is a nice car I advise you to buy.

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