Review of Renault Logan 1.2 L. 2017 from Mikola from Kiev

Renault Logan

Year, mileage:2017
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.2 petrol

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Dluca svoimi vrezannymi about Logan 1.2 2017.

Spochatku pros:

1. Great bacon, dosite, I prostora comfortable in nomu znahoditsya.
2. The great trunk.
3.System scho DOPOMOGA hati pid slide.
4. Sound system W remote pid control of the wheel is not filthy if sluchaty music to goknot 21.
5. High clerens s soft PDVSA.


1. Motor 1.2 for tsogo automoble the edge slabkiy. Pid slide s Kut 30 degrees, it krutite dvigun for 3000 on the 2nd peredach. Navti dwellers srusiti s msca need a whole hour gesuati 1200 Rev/min. I TSE car empty (only the driver).
2. Choose very best tilki car if Stati on f z navedenim the dvigun. Yak tilki bocinas hati then take vrazhennya, scho motor in salon ABO ti des on panamer s co-current. And at that scho dwellers Hoch yakos rozhanytsia treba krutite whole hour dvigun I respectively in salon noise jahlive. Yakos rozhnava to 130 km/h scho Takeo vrazhennya has 230 km/year.
3. For trash hati not more than 110 km/year. and has maintained upstream 95-100 km/year. Car whole hour of need levity on road safety. On vidcast, poperednii shadani Dovgy not Pradesh, duzhe wtamu. Have for trash Kyiv — Harkiv, CCB bokovi weak wind, s right, I respectively the entire hour it parolate the wheel to the right I Yak tilki sagas for shoots Ogararu from Tracy wind Ter zakryvaetsya I car rsquo tagne right I vdotn the wheel paralogous in LVO. Hate far in the edge is not comfortable (body), comfort control duzhe zaleite from wtru. Obminuv hole on road safety hawse 75 CI/year the Bulo scho takeviagra not perevernulsya.
4. Bluetooth Sananda magnoli s phone MAV bootie bi plus Bo de comfortably can bulb rozmovlyati not vdaas, ale mcraven in the car did not accne. If meni telefonoval I vsih good smell and me couty all-all. VSI galatica scho mene not cuute scho I NBA here duzhe far. That I option beskorisna brand so Yak it koristuvacha not perhaps (Perera. one phone I telefonoval Ter not one).

I just dluca svoimi osobistej vrezannymi about cars, prohab I nomu 2000 km s salon. Niyak not Rozum, Yak mozhna Bulo vegnuti in Demba on skilki «dohli» motor. On nomu good tilki hate Tim hto has vzagali Nikoli not zdiv on numarc, Tim hto bude stiti s duzhe duzhe small shvidky on Pagani road safety s pits.

As sdiv on Ford FST 2015 rock s 1.3 dvigun I want skazati, scho difference in CN not Sutta s Logan, Hello Logan, I navti about no kudi bratica to fly for everyone knows, what does the parameters ocrm the great expanse on sagniaw sign I in the trunk.

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