Review of Renault Duster 1.5 l turbo 2018 Alexander from Krivoy Rog

Renault Duster

Year, mileage: 2018, 5.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.5 turbo diesel
Set: Zen + options
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 6.5 l/100km, on the highway: 5.5 l/100km, average: 6.0l/100km

The new Duster is a very good job on the bugs! Well, here are literally all the schools (they are features) of the first Duster was proficio. Yes, I know that in the later phases of the first Duster’ve made some adjustments, but for convenience will list all in one list:

— buttons Windows on the doors, and not where XS;
— the horn on the steering wheel and not on the steering column lever;
— buttons of the cruise control also on steering wheel, suddenly;
the tank hatch opens to the salon and do not need the tube key to unlock;
controller mirrors the left of the wheel and not on the centre console under the handbrake;
— the steering wheel (with buttons) is regulated under reach, and height;
— the driver’s seat is height adjustable, has adjustable lumbar support and fold-down armrest, and the shape of the chairs has become much easier;
the screen moved up and deployed to the driver;
— the steering wheel (there is electric power steering) lightweight and sharp enough (rpm forgot to count);
— threshold is easier to cross without contaminating the leg;
interior design has become the head more interesting, the materials are simple, but the gag reflex do not cause and close.

I don’t remember what else criticized the first Duster?

Among the shortcomings would note:

terrible exterior door handles (flimsy and traumatic);
— ergonomics climate control (modes directions of airflow can be changed only looking at the screen whirlings), but it is a matter of habit;
— too small a trunk in the 4×4 version.

Some impressions of the ride on version of the 1.5 dCi + EDC-6 (goes feels much nicer and more fun than the 1.5 dCi + manual transmission-6).

Part 1.

It was in may. On the odometer of about 50 km, so the sneaker pressed gently. But nevertheless, my friend who came to me immediately after buying the car, grabbed the front panel and a ceiling handle )))

He’s so not travel — preaching, pensn-style…

In fast turns heel, but quite predictable. The arc is confident. Irregularities swallows. Not kozlit, although the back I went. The trunk on the front-wheel version bigger in size, but the spare tire hanging underneath.

There are start-stop. I hate this feature! To disable it click necessary after each ignition cycle.By the way, when the ignition is on, the speedometer and odometer do a victory lap back and forth, just like adult cars.

The light sensor is working properly. It was getting dark, the middle light turned on when needed.

Communication through blutuz works efficiently. Appreciated when I called a happy owner of driving behind the wheel of a salon. Heard him surprisingly well.

4 cameras (there are Parking sensors, and sensors blind spots), but as you know the review is not circular, but you can only choose one of 4 cameras. For example, right when parked at the curb. Or any other. Quite a handy feature. It’s better than nothing.

Back much room there. For people with above-average growth space in the knees may not be enough. But, at least, is where feet to put, unlike the Pajero Wagon 4 )))

In side the setting sun and considered the hood relief and other interesting faces that brought the designers in the new Duster. The first in this regard was much more trivial.


The machine definitely will find (and will find) a buyer. Diesel + automatic + clearance + complete set + Refinanc = very interesting proposal.

He would take? XS…If you were offered a working machine to choose from in this price range — definitely YES. But for myself, yet I want something more interesting and dynamic.

Part 2.

At the end of July I had driven 350 miles behind the wheel referred to in part 1 of the new Duster on bad and very bad roads. In the cabin 5 people and the trunk Packed.

Some schools revealed:

1) the Belts are not height adjustable! That is, in the car, 6 air bags, blind spot sensors, cameras and reversing sensors… but no the elementary adjustment straps on top!

2) Gill ventilation cannot be raised above the horizontal! Cold air blowing directly in the face, neck, shoulders. I had left the driver’s generally close. By the way, in the original version DACIA DUSTER vents round and this is not a problem.

3) Vertical swinging on the uneven surfaces. Yes, the suspension is pretty bland (two heads are better than taburetochnye European Capture), but «repopulating» the road not particularly overclocking — begins to shake. Perhaps it affected the full load and suspension not working in optimal mode. But on puzomerka I on such sites can go a little faster.

4) Vague brakes. … The rear drums suddenly. But the reason is rather at full load and stock tires (even though there cheap). Or the robot. When carry the foot from gas to brake, box some time remains at a high gear and while the leg selects the free running of a pedal — speed falls. The feeling is not pleasant.

5) Not convenient location of window buttons. And if the front you just need to twist the brush in the back (in the wrong direction by passenger) I per trip 5-6 times accidentally pressed the button opening a window. By the way, the rear armrest is narrow and hard, and the Central is not even in this very full set.Armrest driver’s seat was quite comfortable.


— A motor (in conjunction with a robot) pulled their burdens not tupe for overtaking at speeds of 50-100 km/h higher has certainly not so fun.
— Comfortable chairs in front that the back.
— Motor is almost inaudible, but the rear arches I would saumil.
— Doors close with a pleasant sound, and generally a feeling that the body has become much tougher.
Steering is light and quite informative.
— «Pysanky» fan type.
— The average consumption for the trip was 5.5 l/100 km.

Maybe something else will come to mind — add.

Car pros:Nice equipment for this segment (and many more described above).

Cons of the car:the Shoals in ergonomics (details in text).

Advice to buyer: you Can take ).

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