Review of Renault Duster 1.5 l turbo 2016 Sergei from Kiev

Renault Duster

Year, mileage:2016
Gearbox, drive: meh., full
Engine: 1.5 turbo diesel
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Long could not choose a car with all-wheel drive, but after weighing all the technical and price indicators stayed Dasari. Car decided to buy as a complete package, as a bare Duster’s options are so poor that after the usual cars of the middle class feel in the inside not comfortable. Car bought in the salon, by Bank transfer so far has been able to buy all the «bells and whistles» from RENO: servo steering, heated seats, cruise control, leather interior, airbag, podrinski, protection against scratches on door, alarm, vetroviki, tow bar, etc: such a pleasure raised the cost of a car with ~460 thousand UAH 630 thousand, though he bought gradually by the presence of s/h and installation of a HUNDRED, the purchase tax of cars amounted to about 30 thousand UAH. Counted and wept, European competitors have in the base set, let alone a more full and comfortable komplektacii… now about the service: the service deserves the best: continues to operate «savok», despite the fact that after the first THEN 2500, subsequent as the standard cost ~4500 UAH. There were situations, when the car was not given on time, especially felt when it before the weekend. Wait for Monday. Also very useful for the Duster on the hood «muhabiri», despite the fact that the car is high stones, etc. often fall on the hood from under wheels ahead of going machines, sometimes ricochet into the glass. It is better to buy carbon bumper (it’s elegant). The exhibition Duster that was, but my purchase was denied. And plastic is riveted, not glued, it is necessary to drill holes for mounting and I refused. I have «diesel», make THAT every 10 thousand km, although the «Ford» I had IT on 15 thousand km Already accustomed to, dashed off in two years 50 thousand miles. the Car is overall very satisfied (figure to the price). In the beginning it was very difficult to take back — did not feel the size, so I recommend Parking sensors as a mandatory attribute of the machine. After sedan it was hard to get used to shifting gears: you have to start with the second gear on inclines up to 30 degrees also, squeezing the grip no need to hold the brake pedal when starting off on a hill. If a steep mountain and start driving 1 (low gear). Now about pleasant: in terms of patency even the most inexperienced driver on the road you will not experience difficulties in movement, be it dirt or snow. Suspension is hard to curb «any» of the height of the swing by not braking, but smoothly and to move could not. Had arranged a ride on freshly fallen snow, included all-wheel drive with locking gear snow about 60cm and 2nd were passing playful, but only on a small rise had to paluksht! The gas pedal pressed to the floor, as unfortunately at lower revs the car was suffocating. In legaly snow better not to call, it’s not the frame of the jeep, although up to 50 cm drifts you can pass if necessary. If no rows as the tractor and not gaining a bunch in front of him. Broken roads with ice and pits, steep climbs — the element of the Duster. Tried. Once in the autumn, after heavy rains followed by greenfinches, back in the dark — I had to go through the ground on «tank» the broken road tracked equipment, the dirt went almost to the axles, we had no where flew at the speed tried to unfold — understood «sit». I had to go on a break I have a father caught his breath, gdezh in the dark, in the woods to look for help? Thank BSU went! I remember this experience as a bad dream) the Father of the two years I was sick of why would such an expensive supposedly the car got and what you got? It seems the boot is too small, and the size of the butt. After this trip loved: short front gives you the opportunity to pass on any road, any bumps in the cabin, rear passengers have enough space, comfort is really heated during winter only front seats leather is cold on long journeys in the cold «freeze slightly priests». The stove works like a beast, there is a quick heating of the glass to programe engine, but the heat belatedly gets to the rear passengers. The problem with all the French (before the Duster was: Dacia Logan and RENAULT-19) fogging of the windshield and the side Windows, is solved on the situation (number of passengers and the presence of drunk). Consumption on the highway summer-winter is a little different: 6.0-6.3 t the city of 6.5-7.3 l/100km respectively. As for the interior, he was surprised in the station wagon type Ford Focus and Duster the same volume of salon (the cars: a Ford below the Duster and above seem to be visually different), in both bed rear seat and the length is exactly 3M from the windshield to the tailgate. If you plan to purchase a «diesel» not for one year, I recommend to set the cruise control checked, — fuel economy about 10%, is especially felt on the track. Tank is too small, run from 40 to 45L lasts an average of 750 km, refuel at the bulb somewhere in the 650-680 km (all depends on driving style and mileage mileage at. Refueled different fuel, if the diesel car is more profitable to buy the expensive gasoline (the cost of the traversed miles of the same in comparison with cheap, but not clog gallery), then on the diesel the difference is not noticed refuel euros in order not to overpay. I would like to note that without reciprocity on the road can not, had to pull out of the drifts and tow cars of different mass. To sajileniu the Duster for such feats the desirable 2.0 engine with the machines weighing up to 1500kg it handles easy, is from 2.0 to 2.5 tons it pulls going into the dressing, so do not hesitate to refuse to help only if there machine is more powerful. I wish you luck no nail no wand! Yes, when you choose a car interested in full cost of the necessary equipment, do not fall like I’m in a trouble!

Advice to buyer: If you describe the car a couple words, I can say one thing: air Duster is a reliable hard worker. What about the auto industry, it is rapidly developing and as I said one of the managers is the alignment of the technical characteristics of cars depending on the price group. Example: The Chinese! Therefore, the decision car what manufacturer to buy in the near future is a matter of taste.

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