Review of Ravon R4 1.5 l 2017 from Vladimir from Kharkov

Ravon R4

Year, mileage: 2017, 1.300 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.5 petrol
Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 8.5 l/100km, on the highway: 6.0 l/100km, average: 7.4l/100km

The mileage is still small, we can assume the run ends, I decided to share impressions. The more ratings and reviews are mostly about a / t model, according to the mechanics information is not enough.

Like high ground clearance (seen somewhere a figure of 160 mm, but if you compare visually the rapids and clearance under the bottom with Hyundai and Ford in the Parking lot, the car is really above 3-4 cm), never clawed the asphalt to move out not scary. Landing behind the wheel is also high, which is also comfortable on bad roads. Often write that the seats are uncomfortable, I guess, everything is relative — I am medium height and build, get behind the wheel quite well, clearly better than in vases or Lanos. There are feature — driver’s seat adjustable in height, upon changing the tilt of the seat (long trips you can change the landing). A-pillars too wide, as in most modern machines, impair visibility in the turns, but not critical.

Transmission very much — works gently and clearly, transmission is included with no effort (even the first!).

The manual says that running takes place within a few hundred kilometers, so after 700 kilometers slightly twisted engine (up to 4 thousand revs) — it was interesting how the car behaves on the track. Allow yourself a controversial statement, but the car seemed more powerful than classmates (parchami and mercy do not chase ), but on the climbs (where the engine reveals) feel confident. On most lifts the car accelerates confidently in 4th gear. The engine is very quiet, up to 3 thousand rpm is almost inaudible.

The car is holding up well — was a maximum of 155 km/h, no hint of yaw or vibration.

Fuel consumption (made specifically measurements in different modes, BK and gas stations):

— the speed of 80-90 — consumption of 5.3
— speed of 100-110 consumption 6 (air-conditioned 6.5-6.7)
— speed 140-150 — consumption 9
city consumption 8.5 (without traffic jams, the air conditioner works 30% of the time)

The measurements were done on 92-m gasoline.

The chassis is very energy intensive — has never been a «breakdown», what you need on our roads, at the same time, moderately hard.

Now the drawbacks:

— door handles (especially inside) is not very convenient;
— trunk only opens with the key (while not very annoying, but still);
— on the wheel speed is not informative — it’s too «easy», I would like more feedback;
— insulation — in speeds is clearly audible noise of the wheels;

During the operation problems with the machine was not. If you have questions — ask, I will try to answer.

Car pros:ground clearance;
big trunk;

The car cons:noise isolation;
door handles;
«light» wheel.

Advice to buyer: the car is worth the money, «workhorse».

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