Review of Ravon R2 1.2 L. of 2017 from Michael from Lviv

Ravon R2

Year, mileage: 2017, 5,000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.2 petrol
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 10.0 l/100km, on the highway: 5.5 l/100km, average: 7.7l/100km

Another Hello to all motorists:) I will Write for the flue on my Fiesta the scheme, i.e., without embellishment and delusion, everything is clear and in fact, with real pluses and minuses.

Machine in white color purchased in February of 2018 at a cost of 225 thousand UAH, maximum grade, mileage at the moment — 4854 km, 3000 km covered 0, the value of 1435 UAH.

1. Design, paintwork, metal, and processing nodes.

The front of the car like the delicate female and harsh male (and sometimes Vice versa) from the audience. A massive, bloated «face» looks aggressive and attractive, especially in blue. The back of the Amateur. At first infuriated by his severe «troublenot», then like a pall. The quality of the painting. Leaving the garage I the rear bumper of the Fiesta is very easily touched the rear bumper of Ravon. The Fiesta no trace, ravon — fading(( However, from branches of high-pressure washers, small flying stones, etc. paint is not spoiled.

Thin metal, Yes. Feeling «good» car is missing. Processing nodes no, antikorozija done in the salon when buying.

2. Interior.

To be honest I was in shock. Everything in the cabin, of course, oak, cheap looks and feel, but very, very solidly assembled. The slightest of cricket, the slightest clink for six months of operation in snow, ice, rain and the sun appeared, what made me even more sad for their Fiesta-rattle)) Seat is quite comfortable for city travel and short trips, soft but with weak lateral support. The only thing that is very annoying — the right leg’s knee rests on the torpedo and this can not be avoided, no matter what position is not occupied. However, if I sit as a front passenger, the left knee is why it is not rests on the torpedo…

In the cabin there is enough space for 4 people of average build, so no one is kicking knees or elbows.

The trunk… well he is))) One suitcase at sea or two packages from the supermarket you want, but no more.

3. Chassis.

Machine, as is fashionable to say, shot down, the suspension does not break, not oak, not Valka, in General, this car can ride in Lviv, excuse me, Gundorova, it is without straining and without unnecessary anxiety. This is the case when a sudden pit will not disturb the heart and soul of the driver, get pleasure from serenity:)

4. Insulation.

If there is no internal noise, the external missing completely. At speeds up to 60 km/hour everything is fine, you can talk in a normal tone, the audible, the ears don’t hurt. 60-80 — tolerated, and over 80 starts tin))) Main sources — the engine and wheel arches. Behind the situation is better, less noise.

5. The engine and transmission.

The engine is torquey, but voracious. The city is less than 9 liters not leave any at all, with abrupt starts and all 11 will be. Really miss 5 of the transmission, she’d a lot) If you go downhill for 4 transmission, the machine often works well, i.e. the speed of 60, 4 gear, revs in the range of 1.5-1.8 thousand, no traction all. The pedal slowly sinks to the floor more and more and…nothing happens. You need to completely release the gas pedal, wait a second and press it again gently, then the machine already knows that you need to switch to 3-TEW gear and starts to drive normally.

6. Management.

Very, very easy. Perfect for laid-back urban movement and Parking, but bad for fast driving and country roads.

7. Electronics.

The car has heated seats, Bluetooth, Parktronic, electric Windows, electric mirrors, air conditioning, good range of settings of the car via the onboard computer, etc., that for the price I think just a gift)) the Music, though terrible, but can live with it.

8. Practicality.

The machine was bought solely for his wife, as the first, a training car which will be a nice, little, on the machine, with good visibility, Parking assistant, etc. to minimize the probability of an accident and, if it happened, to minimize the material and emotional losses. Simply put, if we hit the car, it doesn’t hurt. Even hull scored:) As a result — myself ride ravon more than the wife.


For women the perfect car in all senses. It is absolutely not inferior class counterparts from any other manufacturer, but is at least 1.5 times cheaper than the cheapest competitor. Convenient, practical, cheap, nice, nice everything.

For men machine is ideal if you need a simple machine every day to gouge and not to worry about anything. If you’re okay with «Drin», there is no complexes about its size and nothing to anyone going to prove, then get pleasure from absolutely the second style of movement) 80% of the traffic, Parking, narrow doorways, streets, terrible roads, etc. — all of this you will not touch) But the machine is NOT SUITABLE for frequent long distance travel, it should be considered.

Car pros:Size, engine, price, equipment.

The car cons:noise Insulation, thin metal, the lack of basic processing nodes.

Advice to buyer: Read the conclusion, everything in fact)

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