Review of Peugeot Partner Tepee 1.6 l turbo 2012 from Alexander from Kiev

Peugeot Partner

Year, mileage: 2012, 1.300 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.6 turbo diesel
Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Long chose the car according to the criteria: we need a universal machine, for work and leisure.

— I’d like to go to the countryside or to go to the Crimeathe Carpathians, and therefore should be comfortable front and rear passengers and trunk capacity.
— Only had money for one car, so drive everyday around the city and congestion, so it must be economical and not too long backwards, so to successfully Park (immediately dropped Chevrolet Aveo wagon wagon, long ass and high consumption especially in the city).
— Use as a mini truck (sometimes required by occupation).

A kind of compromise between comfort, efficiency and versatility of the auto — thought of the month, the choice fell on this model from Peugeot. Just got some action, maybe fake, especially Peugeot to fall 2012 is going to lower the prices of cars, plus the Euro is falling (that is, the size of discounts has room to grow and prices to fall).

About the purchase.

It’s clear that the discount is not a discount and just extra option for which you do not need to pay extra, the machine is only in such equipment and no reason to refuse. Because the price are all equal remained at the same level. No adjustable rear seats like in all the commercials is not (that is, they want another 1000 green).

Now about the main thing. First impressions — a huge salon, a good review, gets in the car is very comfortable, sitting high like an SUV, the driver’s seat comfortable(well regulated), immediately found the most comfortable fit (on many cars did not work). But still after a long drive on the highway (already had the trip in 4.5 hours on the road) want to take a semi-seated position, but with this here everything is not so smooth (the seat has a small stroke leaving the helm is not enough).

Driving performance.

Immediately noticed that the brakes are very sharp and clear, long-stroke gearshift lever, but switches very clearly. Killed the complete lack of any additional protection on rear transmission. That is where my old car was the 5th, now back, now the food and constantly think how not to tyknut the back instead of the fifth. (I was chatting with a passenger and still Tecnol… not a pleasant feeling). Good suspension swallows our «asphalt», but the bottom was too empty jumps and grunts on potholes. When the trunk bag to the bottom two passengers — all normal.

The engine runs very smoothly and sound nice, cabin noise almost no sound insulation for cars of this class 4+. The machine is still running because smoothly and go up to 3000 rpm., 2000 felt turbine, sharp undermining/acceleration. Ie any problem when driving in the city as speakers do not, 90 horsepower is quite enough. Of course this is not a car that would burn rubber at the start and screaming to move to the next traffic light, but for normal driving in the city felt even a good supply of power under the gas pedal. On the highway is very good to eat 100/110 (3000 Rev), more than begins to sharply increase the consumption, and about any dynamics it is not (due to the big sail).


Went exactly amused 650 km on the highway (80-100 km/h), and 600-650 around town (up to 70km/h), average consumption of 5.3 l/100km in my eye would be about 5.9-6.1 L. in General, the consumption for such a car very happy. The funny thing is if you go on a completely flat road in 5th at a speed of 50-60 km/HR, shows the ridiculous consumption 2.5 l/100 km (here we are obviously lying and do not blush).

The overall impression, the car pleased (although the price compared to the European very high), then the train will see.

About reliability while to judge early.

Car pros:Really versatile car, a truck for work, travel and everyday driving around town.

Cons of the car:the little things are present globally is not yet revealed.

After 6 months. and 21 days Alexander added: Forgot to say the most important thing — bought a Diesel 1.6. Consumption in the warm season really kept 5-6 liters in Kiev.
Now the Winter — survived the cold of January. At any temperature was got without problems.
Standing on the street at night (to -18). And a day in a warm garage. So PAH-PAH with simisimi problems for the diesel ran into yet. But to say that the cold she is good — no, the engine is not smooth, purring, the body begins scarpati, plastmasski too. Until heated through to 70+ and do not normally warm up the cabin (and we are warming up for a long time) to go not comfortable. Somehow even mind the car becomes.

Going every day work-home 10 km there and 10 back — so to speak in a straight and almost no traffic jams, but in the morning always warm up for 5-10 minutes. Because consumption of 7.5-7.7.

The speedometer is 11500 km. Before the new year have passed to 10000 ( with shares turned 750грн) — campaign washed, changed the oil and reset the sensors.All.

From breakdowns PAH-PAH.

Overall impression:
Globally no complaints — happy with the car, would have the opportunity to choose again — would choose it again. The machine is very like, its mega versatility in terms of transporting large cargoes — just super. With a lot of things, wheelchairs, etc. Not a problem at all enough space.

But to call it perfect it is impossible for the following reasons.
A very small clearance, especially in Winter, according to our shelled roads — the horror. All go — we go round.
After a frost plastics — the beginning here and there to creak quite a bit but still. From the back to empty all went squeaks on every bump — hrus-hrus.(Don’t even know what it is)
Diesel is warming up for a long time, and a huge salon yet arrived for work and the point to cut in a super-duper climate control — no.

Yes, the climate control takes on average 1 litre of additional fuel per hour . Can’t understand why I had kondik, but the heat he was working in the old way. There are not clear — turned on and flow from the broads up.

Like all. Good luck on the road!

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