Review of Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2.0 l turbo 2011 by Alexander from Kiev

Opel Insignia

Year, mileage: 2011, 200 km
Transmission, drive: ed., front
Engine: 2.0 turbo diesel
Set.: cosmo
Bodywork: station wagon, 5 doors

Overall assessment

Fuel consumption in the city: 9.0 l/100km, on the highway: 6.0 l/100km, average: 7.5 l/100km

Good day dear reader. This review was written, after the sale of the car. To begin with, that in my opinion everything is relative, therefore, to the insignia I owned, Daewoo Lanos, VAZ 2109, Dacia Logan, Peugeot 605, Chevrolet Takuma, a lot was done on the Octavia A5 and Skoda Fabia, paste B6, also understandably purely to ride in the godfather, brother, friend. Therefore, only after 1000 000 traveled kilometers and have the right experience to tell their subjective opinion.

The car was bought from Europe, rastomozhena at a reduced excise tax — the real mileage of 175 km tis (as I checked that’s another story). Komplektatsiya Cosmo, 2011 edition, and in order. The motor 131 l / s, diesel, loved it, went fast, easy, economical (9 l, Kiev). It’s easy to flash, would not, as soot was in place and in order.

Immediately after the purchase, changed timing belt, rollers, pump, oil seal in the block and heat exchanger. The last is a sore, so when purchasing, pay attention, ristayl these cons anymore. In the future, changed glow plug, they were without sensors pressure so cost is 200 UAH/PCs, with sensor 100.e. it is easy to check: take off the plastic engine cover, find the candles and watch carefully before doing this to Google and see the photo of both, in some visible knob (sensor) the other is like a needle level (at the VIN, can not get into the “Apple” out of it). All in dviglo the oil and filter every 8 tis, (8 , ?! so decided for himself, a purely personal matter).

Automatic transmission, Aisen, Japanese, in T. O. also changed, or rather refreshed, and it oil, to change completely the process is labor intensive, expensive, purely as a preventive measure carried out this replacement as box problems does not deliver. But there were a couple times didn’t want to switch, there have been a few bumps when on. Drive’s.

On suspension, the usual insignia, front, Mack fearson, rear mnogoetazhku (aluminum boomerangs), didn’t do anything. Really, feel worthy and strong. For comfort, a little harsh, but it’s not for everybody, rolls , sweeps, or motion sickness were not given. On the insignia set still another type of suspension., Flex ride, this is electronics, it is advised to take only new, used repair option is costly and not worth it.

In General, the motor, box, office, performance, as for me great, ruled, that is driving very easy, no effort, no fatigue. Minus that the roughness of the road, much is transferred to the wheel which I found the answer on the forums and in STO, it’s GM.

The body and paintwork, there were no questions, rust, and metal chips were not.

Interior, dashboard and top cards, soft plastic (color chocolate), inserts for wood, seat combination, cloth, and leather, beige, rear sofa very comfortable. Inside , metal not visible, mean that the doors (when closing) closed in plastic. All handles aluminum inserts along the entire length, generally if you sat down not knowing what brand of car for a long time have guessed it would be that m is Audi, BMW, Lexus and so on. But in the summer sometimes creaked the plastic on the center tunnel.

Electronics worked, haven’t failed. Like button email. trunk release, cool thing. Loved the climate, chilled or warmed, it’s clear, while standing sensor «stinking gas», that is, when in front of you, Edith 455 bus bus Bogdan, Euro 1, and a chimney damper that are triggered automatically, and the cabin is smell of spring. At the same time when you sit in the car with the engine off, you hear the dampers continue to work and Windows in the cabin do not sweat.

9 months of ownership hitting a 25 km away. tis Sold, (dourke and the receipt) so needed the money to repair the apartment. The renovations have been completed, sitting in your new kitchen writing this review longing with light, with warmth in the soul and about the dream I’d get it again, but in restayl.

PS the wheels changed from 18 (245/45) 17(225/55), cheaper rubber and more comfortable fifth point. His choice has stopped at a gas station, UkrAVTO.

Car pros:— pull the engine.
— management.
— external and internal view.
— robust suspension.
— noise isolation (not a Mercedes of course, but quietly).
and the price below all other competitors.

Cons of the car:— sometimes creaky plastics in cabin.
— small mirror.
a raised rear Bumer, nice but not convenient to use the trunk.

Advice to buyer: Carefully to diagnose the engine (diesel), not to buy with clever suspension. A worthy competitor in its class (wagon). New, interesting, in every sense of the machine, less money, and cars more and not have to take the head brand, the Chinese learned machines to collect, it really amerekosy with the Germans …

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