Review of Mitsubishi Outlander 3.0 l 2018 from Kohl’s from

Mitsubishi Outlander

Year, mileage: 2018, 100 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 3.0 petrol

Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Got a new Mitsubishi Outlander GT, 4WD, box 6AT, 3.0 l engine, 227лс.
I decided to write about the car to help other people choice of car, as he used other people’s reviews. Drove about 100km.

Driving experience:

Suzuki Liana 1.6 automatic, 2WD, 2007, mileage, went to treydin for Outlander.

Volvo S80, 2WD, 2.5 l turbo, 231лс. Mileage 115т.km. — wanted it in treydin to pass, because the money gave more, but after reading the forums I realized that this is, in principle, robust unit that is still like new and I do not buy, too expensive…

The main selection criteria were:
1. The reliability of the machine
2. Security
3. Large trunk
4. The softness of the suspension
5. A good salon

My reasoning on the topic of selection criteria.

The reliability of the machine.

Go (me and wife) on the machines for a long time, so I want not to have problems in the future with the engines, boxes, CVTs and other… According to this criterion, the Chinese and Koreans were sent first, the problems with engines from Sorenti put me in shock, especially my friend also got the wedge in Sorento to

The Europeans, in General, was also rejected for this reason. Citroens pyzhikov and others like them don’t seriously consider, in principle, Foltsvagen lopucki with their DSG boxes I was disappointed, but expensive brands is not viewed as too expensive (especially because of stories of breakdowns expensive BMW’s and Mercedes galore). In General, I believe that the best is the enemy of the good and voltswagen, like many others overheat with their innovations… don’t want to be held hostage by experiments car manufacturer with the boxes, variators, fuel system and other things… I understand fuel economy, cheaper and all, but there’s a limit….

In this sense, the Aut I liked this as a classic automatic with the reliable and proven Japanese engine seemed the best solution. All that the Chinese and Koreans make under license of the Japanese do not consider reliable. So a Kalashnikov — only a real one that is made in Russia, the rest — like..

Russian Assembly is of course a disadvantage in terms of quality, but a big plus for the rest
— build a big-block engine or box, will not spoil, but the little things — scary;
— easier to get parts;
— cost of a car is reduced, on the background of General appreciation in the ruble equivalent very important fact.


The choice of 3l engine was partially due to safety considerations, because when driving on the highway the necessary power reserve for confident overtaking and fast razrulivaniya any unforeseen traffic situations, and and less tired, which is also a safety factor.

In crash tests Out a hammer, then it is all right….Across the Internet criticism, they say the rear beam Out there, it’s bad. I don’t know. Maybe it is not…Trunk is large, the second row of seats deep in the body…Think that’s okay.

At out there is the adaptive cruise has not tried it, but it should be fun. The usual cruise used on the Volvo. A good thing when riding long distances, allows you to take your foot off the gas and relax. But with the normal cruise should be ready to ottormozitsya at any time and this prevents the rest. Adaptive machine should solve the issue.

The trunk.

Well, in my opinion, Out among classmates here there is no competition. It is big. Ground floor in the trunk with three compartments is really cool. I have always ridden something small in the trunk and, most importantly, prevented to place large bags — the bag with the fire extinguisher turned up, pump, wiper, damn it, how did it get… In touch all this there will be removed and I will be happy…

Nissan Cheated carries its spare tire, Out it underneath. The idea that «but the spare tire clean» I do not understand, because (1) the main wheel and so always dirty, and (2) it’s a dirty wheel will have to put instead of the reserve and to smear mud the entire trunk, and (3) to spare to get, you need the entire trunk apart and all unload on the curb, right in wet weather on the track… I got,, thank you..Better wear gloves and do everything without touching the trunk… Another stone in Hitrino his spare tire stamped on the disc and Out of a full wheel on a cast disk — a nice gift…

For me, Schemed and Out was the closest to what you need, so couple of words about Chitalu. In principle, it is good. The interior is more comfortable, many different trim levels, the suspension will be softer, but:

The trunk is less than the Out of the chute, and the inscription on two dosochkah about maximum load of 10kg really killed me is that a ladies car?

The passport max. load on Nitrilo — 435кг, and Out — 690кг. The difference in 5 bags of cement on top!!! That is, the suspension will wear Out less because of the greater operating range. That is 5 guys at 87kg choose fully load Harely is just not serious!

Still do not understand the humor at Out the minimum turning radius of 5.5 meters, and Charily — 11.2 meters, as in the barge. For a premium sedan Volvo S80 is forgivable, but not for a crossover. Or is it a mistake in the measurements, can someone explain?

Engines powerful not — boring to drive. Everything on the variator.

Similar to Cascai — don’t like. Out the outside it looks very cool in top configuration — Leda lights, chrome and all. Goes quite a few and they are very different from their previous incarnations and older brothers. Previously, only the Tuareg were at one another like two drops of water similar now Nissans there too..

Well, about three-litre engines in Harrah simply do not like machines.

The decoration of the salon.

Well, here at Out not to say dumb, but austere, like my Suzuki. And for some reason the plastic is scratched. A bit of nail on plastic inside snapped and all scratch ready.. basically, everything is functional, affordable, thoughtfully. More frustrated multimedia system — about it separately below.

The front seats are very comfortable, the back moderately harsh. But my Volvo a couch softer and comfortable, but leg room for rear passengers Out in comparison with her very much (my height — 176). Under the front seats a very large space for legs, and the backrest of the rear sofa has 3 positions. Extreme, like «relax» can really lean back and relax, as you can pull the legs and tuck under the forward seat.
It is a pity that there is no heated rear sofa, really needed. Although under the front seats was discovered deflectors, forcing the warm air to the feet of the passengers in the back — great.

First impressions of the car.

The information screen is good, bright. All well-read. Nice and pleasant visual solutions. Then I put a great. But Android tablet into the dashboard — hands to tear.. the Indians probably did.. All in the ass. Integration with Google Auto — made crooked.

That move kills under your left thumb on the handlebar four arrows button in the middle, but they are rigidly tied to the volume and switching music tracks. Not buttons to control navigation in the road, or at least to run the application in the on-Board tablet. You have to point a finger at the screen, which is very inconvenient. Very used in my Volvo to the wheel under the right thumb, which was to run through all the menus, regardless of the application — the choice of tracks, a contact in the address book or call list — all done with one wheel.

The middle button switches the audio inputs, including AM receiver, which I never used in my life. Disable it does not. Somehow, the rebuilding of the stations, receiver is not in number sequence, and frequency — that it was a surprise. That is, to switch the radio channels you need on your tablet to call the application «FM» and for us to point a finger at the room station. But if Google is still running the Auto, it is necessary to first collapse and cause a «desktop» of Android, which this Guglovo actively resists. Shit. Inconvenient station to switch to the road. Begins to scan the air, and there is something to find, while I need a station that I had previously installed. Who knows how to make switching stations, let me know.

Voice control is not working at all, during there’s a program error. Raspoznavalka button located on the steering wheel. With its help, you can run recognition built into the car, or Guglovo if the phone is connected. It works fine. But the module built-in car does not work. Any of my commands it does not understand. Tells me broken voice, «you’re talking too loud.» I recorded the sound label on one of the phones, and then it was reproduced and understood what was going on — it records my voice distorted, so she can recognize nothing. A bug in the software of clean water. Will representation Mitsu brains to make, the benefit was given some client number or something..

Pleased with the camera, especially the front and rear. You can see what’s ahead, to not pokotsat bumper.

For suspension and car dynamics will write further, it is necessary to drive on it longer. In General, leaves a pleasant feeling — assembled, relatively soft. Drove a little more than 100km — a little. In General, the dynamics are very good, dviglo really pulls well, no wonder guzzles gasoline like a dog…Growling-rumbling, bassist and confident. Volvovsky is similar to V5, but quieter.

Drove there slowly in the city (40-45km/h). Drove the Mazda 6, for some reason, decided to shoot a hundred meters to the next traffic light. On hearing she had been above 5 thousand rpm, the engine made loud metallic clank as my Suzuka… Cross out the dynamics so-so, but the noise is what made! My engine does not like this, I thought, he’s different :).

This car was made insulation wheel arches. Knock spikes and the road is almost inaudible — I liked it. The engine is also almost unheard of.

But when driving above 80km/h dramatically increases the noise from the passing cars — the Volvo did not notice. Drive, view more.

In General auto satisfied, the outside like it more and more :), I just curve multimedia… For me the important functional and convenient as actively using the phone on the road for work and love to listen to the radio and Yandex music from my phone (which is likely to interfere with Guglovo). So I want a convenient means of control and switching here and there..

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