Review of Mercedes E-Class 2.0 l 2001 from Yaroslav of Kiev

Mercedes E-Class

Year, mileage: 2001, 287.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., rear
Engine: 2.0 petrol

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

All kind time of day! I hope my review will help someone in a difficult moment. A miracle happened — I finally sold it to the mountain! It was my first car. Before true went to VW and Mercedes.

So I bought this car from reasons — it’s German! The quality, beauty, prestige… But it was the section she me blind! Will science! I took it in 2011 and drove it for 2 years. Cost me 14500 with this purchase.e. and sold miserably for 10500.e. As you can see the loss at a value of 4000.e. for 2 years. + put into it for repairs all sorts of about 10,000.e. So and flew out of the blue at 14000.e. Agree a little add and can I get a new good car. So the cost of repairs and maintenance are exorbitant, if the official to be repaired, it is still possible to walk for months until they bring items. The body is full of shit! How to sell these cans for fabulous sums, if within 2 years mail machine has Shyla!
So, be patient… the Story is very long.

Before you buy , of course, drove to check a HUNDRED. There looked to have made the diagnosis, they say — normal car! I was in «pink glasses» is not sensed land from the joy of buying a new car!

Then drove the car to the official how it should look. After 2 months, started the engine troit, denied the cylinder. As you know, the previous owner just filled the engine with additives and it for 2 months worked fine and the antifreeze didn’t do it! And then at 10,000 km top up 5L of antifreeze and 5L of oil! I found out later from officials that the broken gasket, and the antifreeze just fills the cylinder. Well, a couple of nuances I immediately turned into 3000.e. repair. Well , it’s for myself.. but still for this car! Not too bad! While a month and a half was a pedestrian, because they didn’t have any of the details. Then in the Parking lot hooked the curb bottom, shot the belt strap + 500.e. Then paint over the rust after 1.5 year + 1000.e. well, a lot of costs got. Another HUNDRED have officialof told this car mileage, how much it traveled is not known.

Fuel consumption is good. In a month I had to pay 2500-3000 UAH for gasoline. Decided to put HBO 4th generation. Put 4 months of the murdered time, but LPG not working sensibly. Nobody could find the cause. Removed…

Then another flew to the hydraulic unit control ESP, BAS, covered with a block locking tailgate and hatch for refueling, still continued sometimes to disconnect one cylinder, which a HUNDRED ‘ officials could not be repaired…

Given all of the above every month riding enjoyment was smaller, and the cost of maintaining the cow was more and more! Then I freaked out and decided to sell this «Hungry beast»! I’m not rich enough to support her. I would say more, had bought a new Volkswagen Polo sedan. Certainly not a Mercedes — but: I now work on the car, and it works for me!!! Which is much nicer).

And this error childhood trying not to think, just to conclude : If you buy a car — the only new! «Stretching legs on clothes!», there is nothing recorded on the pathos, if you can’t contain it! Well, perfectly still played a factor for the inexperienced buyer, — where it is clear to everyone that I sold a dead car! I failed to detect! His mother… fuck it find out! These cats in bags can get! Ze all the time, the car 20 times! was a HUNDRED, respectively, count on the fact that at any moment you can go where you want to go is not worth it!

So, ladies and gentlemen, to select, BU the car very carefully, not do the simple diagnostics, and such — which will discover what twisted mileage, look carefully the body the slightest corrosion daloy, only galvanized body!!! How can you make a car for half a lemon into the black rotting body, if the car is 10 times cheaper than galvanized! A mistake of nature!
Not arguing, talked with many owners of the same car which was quite pleased with the car. But I had another case. I even wondered — I think «lucky».

Good luck to all, because who buys BU Avto — was she needed!

Car pros:Comfort, appearance, appearance, brand.

Cons of the car:excessive cost, quality China. very expensive service, running is not for our roads, the car is just rotting in her eyes as the trough, a large fuel consumption.

Advice to buyer: This machine is designed for majors who have the extra money for its maintenance! Mere mortals is a sin in her direction and watch! Better earn money, buy a NEW CAR! Well, maybe even Mercedes )

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