Review of Kodiaq Skoda Scout 2.0 l turbo 2018 from Constantine from Odessa

Skoda Kodiaq

Year, mileage: 2018, 2.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.0 turbo petrol
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 11.0 l/100km, on the highway: 7.0 l/100km, average: 10.0l/100km

Decided to leave my review.Machine 2018. 2.0 TSI With great option package in addition to what is included in the «SCOUT». 7 seats (slightly less the trunk but the large load capacity and where there are children of plant — for me it was critical).

Full ice Kalambus the 9.2 inch NAV, blind spot, electric seats. In fact not only taken panoramic roof, adaptive cruise and compliance with strip — marking we have a few where appropriate, and to deliver a bag, already have such a service may in the future deliver as prices fall…

Take it scout version purely because of the overhang of the bumper in the city so bodywork is harder to poskrbite bumper on curbs. Also Offroad package was in the plans of options for winter, so SCOUT!

Well, the salon with PSELAPHINAE inserts *wood* very important. All the other awful brand. — Trimmed seats and door cards from a combination of leather with Alcantara very practical. To clean great. Let’s see how Alcantara will be overwritten is I’ll know in about 5 years.

Already have the tuning on this motor. As the warranty will end and there will be reviews of people after a year of planning to bring into line with 220л.with. that supply China with Euro5. The turbine itself is identical code parts, box stock, so in terms of reliability loss shouldn’t be with this chip.

Of the reviews. Very nimble, it is the trace of the car. At speeds behaves very well just like a crossover. Of course this is not the car, but comparing with RAV4 hybrid and Honda CRV, this device rides on the highway much more confident.

Also pleased with the insulation and Canton. There is the question of source, so that the downloadable tracks is pouring in good quality. When listening to the radio is clearly a noticeable difference…

From negative. Pushing suspension! At speed it is really to drive the rack to the wall, even in the half-empty car. So in the pits it can’t fly. You need a smooth road surface. Then 180 is not a problem. At low speed no questions, overhangs, sufficient and gut the car not t, probably helps the arcuate shape of the bottom. The base is long, so wisely made…

Consumption sorely depends on riding style. The car goes very fast, but in this mode it eats. You can get 14 on the highway without too much difficulty. But suratensis, you can get 6 litres. It is in an empty car at a speed of 90кмч. So the flow here is from the driver and the objectives which it sets itself…

I advise you to put mesh in the gaps of the bumper — the radiator just naked. At speed they just eat the flies and dirt.

Build quality and car — good. In addition to these fucking handles on all doors! Just tin.

One downside apparent in the car, but just very upsetting to me. Is already fixed, but I got an old sample — squeak. No, not so — SCREAAAAAM!!! I think to change on an updated, totally — 1600 UAH, sort of…

Good device for the price for the quality and functions while not unique. Santa Fe 2018 on the horizon, but he’s a month appears for pre-order, and already Kodiak rolls me and my family.

Car safely I recommend to purchase. The German with the possibility of a good chip and also no part of the taxes due to the gathering in Ukraine. *Zrobleno in Ukraine* — and it is written on the nameplate :-). Although it would be truer — *the wheels are fastened in Ukraine* :-).

In the end, the car has a very attractive price tag for a conventional unit of quality and technology.

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