Review of KIA Sportage 2.0 l turbo 2017 from Igor from Lviv

KIA Sportage

Year, mileage: 2017, 15.900 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.0 turbo diesel
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 10.5 l/100km, on the highway: 7.0 l/100km, average: 8.2l/100km

CHOICE. Hotw SUV. Eredivise coop ogledu. Glancing at building, komplektas scho proponuyut virobnichi I choice after falling on the Sportage. Psow, procasa I bought. Specjalno not having gone to INSHI test-drive, abi less than Bulo MUK wyboru. The second waiau scho in Perche znayomstvo Mauger Buti manlive. Perhaps not as zrozumiyut taqiy pdhd, but if you have obmezheniy budget, taqiy version of the rules. By the way, the Sportage spodobavsya vdras, Yak on SD, so I through the cabin. Stown, I obras Yogo shte before Yak pobachiv zamiska not rozczarowa.

MOTOR, ZDA. Paternost viscacha. When obgon pghvt vdovets, Yak 130, — 150. About 110 I I don’t tell them. Up to 130-140 ° shte pewny stock Taco premiline legkost scho doda zadovolennya from SDI and overtaking. If de the on track machines, Korac put charvo button DriveMode scho vkluchi sport mode. Duzhe DOPOMOGA. Mode is not dozvola motor opustiti, oberti less than 1700-1800. TSE cob range s nikeshow thrust. Sche steering wheel STA Taichi I pedal gas likely reagu, although TSE all deal. Main, scho yea od tsogo effect from SD. Of course, hotilosya b, MOBI mozhna Bulo most mnati customize, ale TSE vzhe NSA the price. He testoval roshn to sotn. At 10.3 wclause, passport 9.5. Y mashini do I pavni tank of diesel. If pritima Galima I just pageswww for more rskogo start — Wisla 9.9. Was mrali on secondary, mean +/- pasport Dan waiau priyatnymi. Winter unable poprobovatj pavni privd have d. How have sometl just zadovolennya.

ROSHD. But in the mid-8-8.5 l/100km. Thras 6-7 l/100km. Misto — all from saleeite samanthajasont the road – what it is I 11 liters per hundred. Sprobuvav economy. Less than 5.6 vihodila. — TSE, the road mayzhe without cars I swotor. Here, the Yak mene the contribution Robit sviy totransportation, yakomu potribni, oberti shaft ISA, clutch Timati salena. VIN daє I don’t economici on holistic. Scho well, for comfort treba platiti.

BOX. Narikan not got. It is possible to ne priviknut. On the nizi go fine. Minus – not daє economici. Meni b pognana tsogo motor I pen, but the machine is one of the two z inkou, that bootie’s got a gun. It’s a cool thing – system utrimannya at Rusi grow. If Qiu a piece of Panariti has on pavni privd, the ROC up nawt on grav – grebnice. Hto Givet in Lviv I know wisd s Lugansk on Strisce, mene zrozum ;).

BODY. Darn Carty not zakrivaut the bottom of the body, Yak napriklad have a CX-5 Chi Thuan. Vyhodili z cars, I zahoditi required scitica, ABO postijno an s STCU him for clothing. Here the Sportage messy. Painting — slabke the meeting place. Sche troch I will no longer svitati not pay attention TSE(may Uvas dealine estimation).

INTERIOR, TRUNK. Ergonomy nemecka — I podobala which is very convenient. Nikoli I do not think scho pdhra krisel, naprawd Taka very best option. Progrevatsya duzhe Shvydko. SDAs cold winter at the cabin . » vdott teploty. Tobi all one scho salon has not PROGRE.

Pdhra helm – Ter plus. Plastic mccamy to dosit SUNNO quality, easy postcreate. The trunk of a great, ale srucnoc not wystarcza. Here at dumtsi porwnania I z Thanom. The guise Slavenka. Nili hum Bronica s feed I from zerkel. Iz zbilshennya vidcast naresta.

VISNOVKI. At a time machine she took vzhe 16000 km Proshova Perche. Scarg not Bulo. Pokey tilki diesel, AMIVAC I zamna oil, fltr. Extend Nedeli Sportage TsIT ) . bazhannia porosity.

Car pros:Patogeni motor, good equipment, nemecka ergonomy, pavni privd, prostori salon.

Cons of the car:Slabka shoots, darn Carty not prikrivaut body, nine of ekofarma, mccamy deseve plastic Pagano quality.

Advice to buyer: the Skin is mine. Nedeli describing, yakscho stink prinet, it is possible to purchase.

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