Review of KIA Sportage 2.0 l 2012 from Nikolay from Kiev

KIA Sportage

Year, mileage: 2012, 71.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 2.0 petrol
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 10.5 l/100km, on the highway: 8.1 l/100km, average: 9.7l/100km

Are the owner of a KIA Sportage 2012 V. auto completely satisfied almost all, fuel consumption is satisfied, comfort at a solid 4, appearance 5. All is good but there are a few BUT’s:

— the engine on the car is Theta-2 (aka G4KD, aka Mitsubishi 4B11). It would seem that a time-tested engine and no problem in service (if auto is selected, played a significant role on the reliability of the engine). But it was not so,-30 000 — 40 000 km I started to notice a knocking in the engine and a slight vibration when passing THE next MOT verbally informed about this to the inspector, and received the answer that it’s the isolation of this engine, not believing them I went to another service station to check the engine it is also said that everything is OK. I stopped to bring attention to it, as fuel consumption is normal, the oil groove is not, the compression is normal, error no engine. But it was not there, one person and a community of fans of this car is not believed that this feature of the work of this engine, made removing the valve cover of the internal combustion engine, and that he saw 2, 3, 4 cylinder tuff (mileage he had 87000 km). As it turned out I have the same thing (and many in the community), and most importantly , it does not affect what kind of oil was poured, and the period of replacement. I changed the oil every 7500 km (oil filter too), the oil is Total Quartz INEO MC3 5W-30 (not advertising) that the official dealer fills in on his HUNDRED, the engine is not spinning it to the max, max 4000, weekend car, mileage 71 000 km 90% highway 10% city.

— rusting vented four-wheel drive (I did not touch it, as my car from factory monoprivodnom) reason — insufficiently lubricated at the factory and poor sealing of the connection.

Bottom line: the car is good, but to me the engine laid resource to 150,000 km, and we see that Koreans have something went wrong, because the engine Mitsubishi 4B11 no such problems.

The KIA SPORTAGE 3 OWNERS WHO HAVE CARS out of WARRANTY URGENTLY DO a COMPLETE CHECK of the ENGINE, including ENDOSCOPY of the CYLINDERS, and do not listen to officials that this is a feature of the engine, under warranty changed the short block (costs about 4,000 dollars.USA), and major repairs if no warranty about 1400 dollars. USA.

Car pros:Design, price of components, easy to operate.

Cons of the car:Engine, all-wheel drive, paint.

Advice to buyer: Only if you remain under warranty, and sell after it ends)

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