Review of KIA Ceed 1.6 l 2016 Vtli from Kiev

KIA Ceed

Year, mileage: 2016, 32.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 7.5 l/100km, on the highway: 6.5 l/100km, average: 7.0l/100km

Brav spring 17 rock, vibirau middle hatchback C-class competitors: ford focus (zdavsya samali salon), renault megane (TEI currently not Bulo in nayavnost hatchback), chevrolet cruze (z ccasm of turbomini motor 1.4), skoda rapid (via NaBr options vihodila beyond the budget), a total of zadowoleni kupulau one HUNDRED saggau tilki on reglament.

— Ergonomic the cabin all the early good, palocci so de need, in the doorway of her NS half 1-1.5 l water, ° control of magnolol/phone rule, the upper panel s m agago plastic two rocky exploits nichogo not skripit.

— Vitrac in CIV if not popadali in Silin tube vihodila hate within the limits of 7-7.5 when vicorian air conditioning, s postanime tubes to 8.5, 6.5 mstom if hate in regim 110-140, dealing umovah s good palivom regim 90-110 vihodila ere ~5.5-6, 7-7 Serenoa.5., povnogo tank viscacha 600-650км.

— when vidcast 150-160 still comfortable to be driven in plan management, ale vzhe pochine Revi dvigun, to for this reason vidcast chuti more wheels.

— dvigun viscacha in pasakaina vicorian when pounamu seventeen 4 person plus vantazh, no problems dalali Yak Karpatski so I astrisk, serpantine.

— when skladan zadeh sign trunk dozvola perevozit velik items per hour exploits SMG sdisney 2-a cottage svoimi forces (without viklicky vantage), transportation akrilova Vanni 170×70 toscho.

— «Rich package» pdhrp the helm of perednih sign, pdsva Zoni turn Cruz control, hands free, skladany zadeh signi 1/2, palocci, usb + 2 pdcurses/charging 2-x Sonny climatecontrol (yakogo viscacha), elektryczne management of zerkal I etc.

within an hour exploitez rubbed scrany the wheel, scra on vagal transmission.

— Nishiki Clarens laviv, napleli dorozhnogo paintings decline Resv (for neovaginal) Zahist dvigun of bringing armor vdras when kupul.

Car pros: «Bogot included in unit».
— dvigun viscacha.
— when skladany zadeh sidnej great trunk.
— price/quality on high run.

Cons of the car:— Nishiki Clarens.
— scra on term vagal transmission.
— sushumna after 150km/year.

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