Review of JAC J5 1.5 l 2013 from Dmitry from Kharkov


Year, mileage: 2013, 140.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.5 petrol

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 8.5 l/100km, on the highway: 6.0 l/100km, average: 0.0l/100km

Good day! Will write to You in short: I became 2nd again — the second owner of this car in Ukraine (beginning October 2013). Then still was not sold in Ukraine. After examining the characteristics, went to pick up the car (it was imported 45 cars in Ukraine, of which half immediately bought PrivatBank — they have bought). The Chinese version! Engine and gearbox — Lancer 10. Running — 10 Camry body type. 112лс VVT engine, more than enough. Very good shot, especially if you drive in «sport» mode for 5 minutes — becomes a missile. Finish at the height of the material normal, not smelly.

Among the few drawbacks: the illumination of the instrument panel in adovo blue (on long trips even with minimum brightness much pressure on the eye).

R16 wheels and 20555 regular — suicidal for our roads, but… guys again the principle of suspension — Camry 10 body, that’s why I 110тыс. km wound off in a TAXI and didn’T DO ANYTHING, only wanted to replace a heavy stabilizer. 1 times changed air and fuel filter… pads (sn was not — picked up, incidentally pads from Nissan Almera clearly (for 20sekund work grinder and perfect). The engine box is great.

Service: it simply does NOT… sp is not (even under the order), Krivolap mechanics. on 33тыс. put LPG — for the next 100 thousand. km changed the filter, washed 1 time a gas injector. Gas consumption in the active mode, the city did not exceed 10l100km. On the highway 6.5 liters of gas.

After the purchase drew attention to the shock towers, rear….half dead initially! However, more than 100 thousand. km skated in a TAXI.

Sustainability: for a budget sedan, and more Chinese — excellent. On the highway at speeds over 140km / h should be afraid of side winds, because a car light and high (ground clearance is 180). To have this skin Zam — very hot in the sun.

Nuance, which has become the main action for sale: during emergency brakingacceleration after the inversion is steering lock! The back wheel will not turn until you release the pedal! And this is very dangerous.

Do not confuse this car with the version from the BOGDAN Avto — Bogdan other seats(visually almost no difference), but in the Bogdanov version is on the driver’s extremely uncomfortable to sit due to the shift adjustment and reduction of the most seats.

Plus the Chinese versions of electronics, all working without failures and censures, when the Ukrainian burning lamp having troubles with anything. They talk like all Chinese, and they just collect JUNK.

Further, strong negative Chinese version: toovercome the paint layer, under which NOTHING PROCESSED metal, a stone flew — went to rust. In Bohdan is a full treatment — perhaps the only plus Bogdan.

Sold the car in Privat when you run 110тыс. km, bought after I man skated almost 40 thousand. and sells it back (though not for a mileage of USD 70 thousand. km — in 2 times less from actual). All because I took good care of the car, the view was better than the new one)). If any questions on this car please write :)

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