Review of Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 l 2016 from Alex from

Hyundai Santa Fe

Year, mileage: 2016, the 5.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.4 petrol
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 12.5 l/100km, on the highway: 8.5 l/100km, average: 10.5l/100km

The first car was the legendary VAZ-21061 1989 issue. It was a wonderful car for those times, though he was already 10 years old. I exploited it and studied Mat.part of his device (since almost every weekend we had something to repair is to clean the carb, change the ball, etc :) ) a good five years.

And so began the era of right-hand drive Japanese. We long to look after him with my brother, bogey the cost of spare parts, the mass of electronics and stuff, but finally my brother sold his equally legendary VAZ-2108 and bought a Toyota Sprinter 1994. and lo And behold — this little car without any problem goes and goes and he has nothing to clean, adjust, etc.. did SOMETHING — changed the oil, filter and forgot half of the year. At any time of the year starts without problems (unlike my «shesterok»:)), automatic transmission, air conditioning, in General, just the song…

Skated bro Sprintere one year and sold it to me safely:) and took myself Spacio 1998. I’m also a year otezdil on Sprintere, fell in love with the Japanese auto industry started… — Toyota Camry 1997, 2000 Subaru Forester, 2005 Subaru Outback, Mitsubishi Outlander XL 2008, legendary Prado 120 2007, Nissan XTrail 2015 (earned money and wanted the car from inside).

Otezdil I’m on XTraile 1 year, realized that «missed» him, Yes, a new car, a comfortable, no problem, but the dynamics of the 2 litre engine especially on the highway very upset… Started to think what to change a Nissan and here I got the is Santa Fe. Why so in detail have described about your car? — to have understanding, to compare…

We arrived at the salon, outwardly the car liked the size and ergonomics of the cabin is also arranged (at least the Prado and Trail), but the way Santa was the first car on which I once pushed the driver’s seat all the way back (as it usually did on all auto), moved it two clicks forward, because the right leg was fully extended.

Went for a test drive. The salon Manager immediately said that they want to change cars because of the dynamics and need to check on the track. The Manager said OK and off we went.

Liked the suspension — firm, but not hammer. Cornering rocks, as Pratice.

Left on Northern bypass is stamped into the floor. Of course the cars are not racing (read that 11 sec to hundred), but compared to the latest Nissan much better — no problems several times dispersed to 150 km/hour, out on the leads without panic, so to speak..) Automatic transmission (cestista by the way) worked great. Switched very softly, but in a mode kik-Daun spreads to 2 gear down with no problems (switched to manual mode to see what gear dropped, when chased). Overall satisfied the test.

And without hesitation I ordered the Santa Fe 2016 (it was already February 2017). A month later the car arrived from Moscow, I passed on a trade-inu Nissan, underpaid and went on Santе.

In the future, additional inspection of the cabin, nothing negative has not revealed (remember that compared with its former Japanese).

Equipment I have Komfort — salon normal skin (do not know if kozhzam, but quality:)), front seats with perforation, all seats are heated and front, and the ass (this I did not have before), plastic dash and doors is soft, no squeaks (for more than half a year of usage), even after the installation of the alarm. By the way when I set the alarm, said that all normal insulation, even coiled ducts that are not the latest fresh Lexus (save to the Japanese…). Still that like — button power window on the driver’s door are all automatic and all with the backlight, nice leather on the steering wheel and the heated steering wheel — heated whole and not just the two sectors. Rear Parking sensors and camera are working properly, Avtosvet and avtodozhd not too «buggy»…

At the end I want to say — sitting in Korean, I have not experienced any negativity or discomfort, moreover found a number of nice and useful features. After reading the reviews (before buying :) ), saw that the Koreans put the «old» proven engine 2.4, without any newfangled FSI, etc., the usual 6 speed automatic transmission (not CVT) I read about the 4wd issue, but then found out that the restyling 2015, this problem was solved, the problematic node is filled with grease (I’ll see if it..:) ).

Yes, I went a quite a bit, see how the car will behave in the winter, but I will not fail!

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