Review of Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 l turbo 2008 by Eugene from Kiev

Hyundai Santa Fe

Year, mileage: 2008, 180.000 km
Transmission, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.2 turbo diesel

Bodywork: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall assessment

bought in the cabin, could not get enough (:-)), holds the road in your level is fine, and the snow took, and Brody took it, humming a gearbox somehow got water? (had the oil changed all done) and in the mountains, the forests went, in the sand, got stuck once and was not sure of the patency of the car, but after 70T. dead rear shocks (12000грн.) 95 thousand began, the hub 3 pieces changed the interval 1T., then the truth changed 2 more times only on 4 PCs at once, (the parts in the original), 105000 repair type tronika (5 thousand dollars. USA), 140000 replacement silentbloc in the front levers +ball. 150000 replacement of the contact group in the wheel is responsible for aerbic, turns and dpi. 2300грн. Well, 175000 changed the second time ball. but in General everything is all right. Maybe if you use it in the city, home-work, nature is prohibited, in this case, why such a crossover.

Car pros:road holding, good capacity.

Cons of the car:2.2 crdi high consumption, low chassis, high quality parts (output), the nuances of the ignition switch, well, expensive components.

Advice to buyer: pick another car, the Chinese are the «Koreans», you need a long time to learn what would make a car for the money. better take Japanese class of the Prado, even used, and you will be always on top. I’m disappointed he’s not worth the money…

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