Review of Hyundai i30 5-door 1.6 l 2017 from Vadim Nikolaev

Hyundai i30

Year, mileage: 2017, 400 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

The car took off the lounge at the end of February. Not much has passed, just under 400 km, but the first impressions of the car is positive, however some comments are still there. Compare will with the second car in the family — Ford Focus 1.0 (100L.. mechanics) in the station wagon.

From dopov. In the cabin put the steel protection of the engine, the mesh in front of radiator, tinted glass, winter tires, floor mats, a bag with emergency sign, first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

On appearance say a lot will not, because the taste of each person. Overall, for me, the car began to look more demure in comparison with its predecessor — this is especially noticeable on the lower edge line of the glazing and the rear lights, and new style front grille and optics built in a more European design. Looks fresh and new, at least in our city, I have not seen them.

As for the interior — new dashboard looks fresh, all strict and no-nonsense, and intuitively managing everything in its place, the package is everything you need and more)). The dashboard, in comparison with Ford is not «stealing» the seat, the front and the feel of the car more class and at least the plastics are all grey — looks somehow more modern than the Ford. Buttons in the cabin like a bit much, but damn… it’s convenient! Convenience buttons on the steering wheel (especially the use of «kacheek») is also excellent, by the way the Ford’s steering wheel buttons are not comfortable — too overwhelmed in the «supine» position. Media Hyundai more modern and functional, and the sound of a Ford somewhere in the level (like listening stations will, in General, I’m not tempted…). Adjustments to settings like driver and passenger head, but the pillow harnesses have a claim, whether it is short, or due to the fact that it is when climbing starts to lean forward, the foot begins to be thrilled, in General Ford this is better, but the rest, of course, the Hyundai a cut above from the decor Ford and the same podjetnik, and mirrors with lights in visor, of course it’s not in the mirrors, and the approach to detail! (how much Ford saved on this…?) separate light interior front rear — which included separately (Ford only together lit), but Ford slapped the handle over the window, the driver (!?) and save on those handles for rear passengers, putting only hooks for clothes and this despite the fact that Ford no armrest of the rear seats. In General hyundaya with this complete Feng Shui, and marketers of the Ford 2 points. With regards to the back seat — there’s probably parity. The trunk hatch is sufficient, but the floor is… well, I don’t know — a little denser overcoat, some flimsy… and skladisni rear seats it turns out a decent sized curb.

In the course of how the tandem engine-automatic transmission basically liked, although I like more the mechanics, but the automatic transmission is well tuned — switches appropriately and without much delay (in calm dispersal of switches in the range from 2000 to 2700 rpm.), the noise of the motor to 3…3.5 thousand rpm is almost inaudible (in fact the above is not twisted while running, by the way at 3000 rpm — 120 km/h). The engine of the «stars» are not the sharpest, but the thrust for the city and for overtaking of associated flow (100…110 km/h) is enough, any more and not tried. Riding style is calm and in the ratio of city/highway somewhere 30/70, but with a long warm-UPS in the morning (about 10-15 min) — side consumption — 9.4 l/100km, feels the arrows of the fuel tank 10 l, but let me remind you this is only 400 km from the salon, is certain that the consumption will fall.

Suspensions, too, but no comment is tricky, and seems tougher than Ford (at least minor irregularities — cracks in the sidewalk, ripples on the pavement) with it are barely noticeable «ikaruse» wiggle — not annoying. Ford, in this regard, going more acutely and taxiing more distinct, well, that’s really «ironed» way. But Ford has one particular disadvantage — it is very LOUD, annoying, suspension work (just out…), and notice that everyone who sits in the car all the forums and STO say a thing fords… hyundaya the work of running — the silence, the Adjusters «5» balls, but with Shumka arches somehow sad, but in fairness it should be noted that on dry pavement rides reasonable (maybe it’s a feature of the behavior of winter tyres (KUMHO) on a wet road) but Ford, in this respect, hush.

In General, satisfied with the car, the Koreans have optimized consumer demands and made a «Golden» middle for comfort, trim levels, exactly what you need for everyday use and for travel to more distant travel.

Car pros:Fresh design, optimal tandem engine, automatic transmission, quiet
assembled suspension, comfort, range of options, ground clearance — 150 mm stated — it is.

The car cons:Flimsy panels of the trunk, the light of halogen — Oh my word yesterday… the truth is the illumination of corners is a bomb, don’t really like the work of the rain sensor.

Advice to buyer: Auto recommend anyone thinking about purchasing this car!

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