Review of Hyundai i30 1.6 l 2011 from A. Yurechko from Kiev

Hyundai i30

Year, mileage: 2011, 220.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol + LPG

Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 11.0 l/100km, on the highway: 8.0 l/100km, average: 9.5l/100km

Kupowa b.the z problom 92 000 km (standing LPG 4 pok. Italy (46 000 km)). 2 rocky, almost Nakata 130 000km. Car zarekomendoval yourself, Yak Nadine pachnik on skin day.

When cockups CCB one caveat, sadn progeny Boule duzhe slabc (sore this car) I miskovci Clarens. for 400у.e problem virshilas (samnew progeny on pasilan + samnew of sticky ). Auto garne in control of the road trim good. S breakdowns, samnew salena to 160T., pid took over. but, orignal Nove, ber takozh s top mozhna Bulo b has sdite.

Mnav pdservice stupic I 1 cravings. THEN rally coin Yak on gas so I bensin. Dine scho coin 60t. km need regulate valve. Roshd writing on gas.

Car pros:— Nadini car.
— apagani design.
— zapchastini costout adequate pennies.

Cons of the car:— Filthy shoots.
— Trunk hotilosya b troch BlsI.

Advice to buyer: Prekrasne smeyne car.

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