Review of Hyundai i20 5-door 1.4 l 2012 from Michael from Odessa

Hyundai i20

Year, mileage: 2012, 80,000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.4 petrol

Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 9.0 l/100km, extra urban: 0.0 l/100km, average: 0.0l/100km

Recently became the owner of this machine. I had a Passat and Mazda 626 and 21099 and Lanos. The last 10 years, I went to the pet Accent, took a new one. But the crisis dictates its own terms. Offensive urbanization also affects the selection size and type of the car body. Selling for 5300, the 2008 Accent on the handle and adding a bit, bought за7500 Ай20 on the machine, as the spouse very much trudnoobogatimye on the mechanics, but rather in the process of training acquired fear. Given the above, as well as the fact that the car was taken for two more had no money, had to choose a compromise. In General your opinion will be built on the basis of a comparison of the wood with an Accent. Why? First, everything is relative. It is incorrect to compare IKE with a Cossack or a Bugatti. Secondly the Focus is a best — seller the best-selling car in Ukraine in 2008. Thirdly, the continuity of generations.

Thus, the exterior.

As I said, the Emphasis at the time had umatovy design. In this respect, IKE, Manejo inferior. Not to say that she’s ugly, the more I got facelifted in beige-bronze color. Our people have the stereotype on the sedan because the hatchback design has to be tolerated. And in vain. The body, though a little «nagrani», but very compact. For internal size, identical to the Accent, outside of IKE is much more functional, and the Luggage compartment organized optimally — no need to reach for the items all at your fingertips. Machine Goetz nicer, just more modern design, although I personally Goetz also like.


Here I uh… was surprised. Tidy much richer Accent, it seems that the car is a class above. The interior is a bit discordant with the exterior. Nice to hell, even though I got a sluggish instance: the previous owner does not appreciate the thing and I IKE got all sucked and greasy, the steering wheel sometimes worn paint, sagging to the metal back of the driver’s seat. After certain financial investments interior sparkle with new colors. Still everything is at hand, as in the Accent. The same steering, but the steering wheel control buttons for radio — overkill to me. Unfortunately, in this configuration there is no heating of the seats, but the folding mirrors. Place no more, no less than in Accent. Good review.

Chassis. The car is a little softer Accent, but in the pits shaking her more. A short base.

Engine. All type-top, the same as the Accent, but the chain plus 3 horses.

Machine: infantile driver, guano sad, but cheerful and more economical than in Goetz (watched it first, but did not find a suitable instance). For the city enough, the Focus is also not a sports car. By the way the Accent 12.3 Seki to weave, and Aiki — 12.9. Just on the mechanics of the machine predictably otzyvchivye. From iKey on the machine has a good appetite, but a normal «wet» machine and not a glitchy robot.

The trunk is sufficient for me, the door doesn’t pop, extraneous sounds don’t bother.

Car pros:Pleasantly surprised. This neshyba will bring you a lot of pleasure from the comfort and drive.

Cons of the car:80 pumpkins selling the back seats.
Consumption. But if you compare with Getzen eating 10-11, and the like.

Advice to buyer: In the car a bunch nishtyakov inherent Marche Hyundai, many of which are known to the audience and their too lazy to describe. Those who have had Hyundai I understand. Those who believe that the Korean car does not have a right to exist, I cannot persuade with words. This stereotype can be broken only if you use the device. Sincerely recommend, good workhorse.

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