Review of Hyundai Elantra 1.6 l 2018 from Igor Khmelnitsky

Hyundai Elantra

Year, mileage: 2018, 8.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 9.0 l/100km, on the highway: 6.5 l/100km, average: 0.0l/100km

Everyone knows, what does from Ukraine. Virchow write a commentary ugguk about sviy car. Vibiraem mizh Kaskam, Octavo, I Focus Mazda 3. Priority Bula automatic machine (not a robot, and it’s desirable not CVT). Qashqai — tickle time shkosa s Tim scho Manager in salon navti not hotv pokusavati machine, ABO scho VIN Virchow machine meni can’t afford, ABO in them so I prodaj space). Octave — spodobalas, ale z WSM additional packages vihodila dorogon, the th warranty 2 rocky. Focus s mosw automatic robot I clins. Mazda 3 — spodobalas all, ale chekati I had bi 2-3 month, for me not an option.

I Lantra in blame color (waiau Nai prakticnim, the th podobala). Diller zrobiv all algoware line, salicylici zadovoljen. Now, in order:

— Automatic transmission working properly, dozvola without problems alginate on truss, mistu I vodzha Spokane, ale yakscho required rsquo rozhnava also no problems;
the body design is just super, Seredin also podobala not taqiy cosmone Yak at poperedni pocan. Truncated pid hand Dovgy zvekuti not prishlos;
— bitrate palivo: mistu but it turns 9, trass 6-6.5 deplaces Yak sdite (benzo. 92 OKKO, Wog);
— PDVSA Yak for less gold mid, to dosit sbrana I in the world garstka;

Good trim the way, you can actively alginate I after 100 km, spodobavsya Cruz control (Skoda no de we use Yogo), wrote about light as in vdgko scho lubenice, do not know meni podobala, perhaps hto to chogo swik. The trunk is great (aqualise of the sea, all vlsa), true pogruzochno Procom Troshkov not zruchny. Signa comfort, in the distant road safety back Ni, je Bokova Patrika. Man for himself sday normally when Trost 180cm. colname not virus, krishu head also, although msca over my head I don’t bagato.

Car pros:Pokey scho all of zadowoleni.

Cons of the car:MOSI, Hoch I Neznan: no soundno button otkrivanja of the trunk (on the car poperednica also not Bulo scho so not critical, but could I do), sly (ale won in vsih konkurentu for Qiu ZnO priblizno Taka W), magnola (funktsionalno all good, but viglyadi Yak TERS, required mnati), the hatch of the tank otkryvatsja s salon (well, the Yak right?) palactic not regularise for wiloto (could b not only in maximal to do).

Advice to buyer: the Car your co Chudov.

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