Review of Honda XR150L 0.1 L. 2014, from Vadim from Odessa

Honda XR

Year, mileage: 2014, 10.000 km

Engine: 149 CC

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 2.2 l/100km, on the highway: 2.4 l/100km, average: 0.0l/100km

Good day to all. Buying tsogo horse s probegom on the cob LT 2015 s probegom 3,000 km pitched in kinets season latest time sdev in seredyn grudnia 2015 — prong Sklave 10,000 km To Mota tsogo not Bulo. Porwnywanie hi h Chim. Obsluhoval have itself. Fill OKKO-Пульс95. For micta that peresta pidhodit Chudovo, Dinamo dostatnih (TSE well not a sport), manevrennost Chudov, vertical landing Ala the seat solid (Ni ass after Dovgy movement), our Gorg in Odes the holes on them are not Botica (all the same similar to Enduro), nawt on average curb can be neatly vitiate Ostrow, smut rubber not scalai. Roshn to 60 km/year dostatnih for micta, wise — tempo rozhon digit pad. In predmest robocza swidth 80-90km/year (in less than state wide vtravel — dostatno braking, especially under strong VTR, ale. not so much produa. Vitrata PAL of 2.2-2.4 whichever pace from the Rozgon vidcast (. PI program to 2, 5, ale, or I +10 namagoose not stiti, perestal in the car). CPAC state stokovij — season vitagra half, Mabuchi provides znaki citisec komplektuyuchi — Hoch ist Honda and roblet Tsey ILO Kita. Nosilaca front tires 30%, rear 50%. Oil STI whichever pace from the Rozgon — 2000 km z da half Runa and mnati required coin 4000 km, the identity I Paliwa, ale Yogo Virchow now mnati coin 2000 km is not expensive, that th fltr mastela no — grse Buda.

Car pros:Dostatnih natinst, economcs, manevrennost, vsedorozhniki(ale not bendora), affordable price.

Cons of the car:a Little oftiny options m deshev komplektuyuchi, garstka pillow Signa, z the passenger filthy dinamka.

Advice to buyer: it is Possible brother on the cob MOTOROKR and potim Yak salesite other room on the VSI wypadki life.

In 17 months. and 24 days Vadim has added: all from Ukraine. Virchow dopolnite ugguk. Pitched on the middle lta 2017 prohas already 27500 km from Mast mnay coin 2500km. Tarasov on 10w40, we pwdn Litom hot, less then Agora. swoco potrai set a protective filter mnay according to the regulations, vitratni podesheveli. 22000 smev peredny srcu CPAC — razmahnulsya to CNCA. Hloptsi put Novyi better than Zavodsky, proav 5000km has not pedragosa. The rear star in norm. Smyw set a protective filter Torino circular kartelnyh gazib (Chi Yak Yogo there) rsco smenilsya of vitrata PAL that zrosla Dinamo, and also ceasing pognuty on cold. Required Yogo mnati VDC castle, although SDU for mistu and VIN get out there sabiti. That y I all problems. The ILO at a time vitrata 2.6-2.8 l PAL whichever stupeny from virochana the trigger, oil STE 100g 1000 km on One set of Pirelli resini on vdmo from stokovo (shore for 10000km) to walk 17500 I has to go up to 10000km. 92 of vitrata troch blsa and dimaka HRSA, identity SGU 95 or 95+. Will power piste. Thank you for procitana

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