Review of GAZ 3110 Volga 2.5 l 2002 from Andrew from

GAZ 3110 Volga

Year, mileage: 2002, 112.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., rear
Engine: 2.5 petrol

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 14.0 l/100km, on the highway: 10.0 l/100km, average: 11.0l/100km

Just want to say — the number of stars I have posed the Volga — real. They say that the Volga — the Russian Mercedes, the answer is No, the Volga is better! For my prostate, for the reliability better.

Not looking for a car purposefully. What to go to Moscow I had already, and the wife was and children, too. Volga came across purely by chance and in very good condition, close to new, I could not pass up — bought.

To be precise: at work our electrician bought a new car, a Volga, which he inherited from his father in not esgena condition, he decided to sell. I gave him to sell a car in the wrong hands, bought for a friendly, no haggling, for seventy-five thousand rubles, at the time 2012 it was something about 2 Grand. And it’s not a lot of money for an almost new car.

Over 5 years of operation, almost never traveled, in the country only in the area, to the forest for mushrooms, to the dam for carp. But it’s all dirt roads. In my hands it almost never sees asphalt, some holes, bumps and ditches with puddles. Almost 5000 km was on such roads, kingpin delight, not to kill the system, not to compare with a ball each year requiring replacement, hodowca I only bone stabilizer and tie rods, but they could not change was normal, he threw in an old stock in plastic bag in the trunk lie together with the old fuel pump work. Also changed the valve it would get stuck occasionally. Went through the kit and threw the stock.

With them I drive just in case of Soviet habit: the ignition coil and the distributor new.

On the chassis, even the leaf springs reinforced threw in the ass — I don’t like when the ass auto level, or God forbid, below the muzzle. Loaded the trunk and back Lebanon’s critically — carried mortar mixes, cement bags somewhere around 700 kg. carries quietly. like not loaded rides. Though what surprised — the Gazelle on such an engine at 3 tons carry. Epic 402 engine, not in vain, he still put on a new Gazelle Next. But ZMZ 406 not withstood the test of time, in 2010, was withdrawn from production, loachim was not cost-effective.

Car pros:1. Epically low cost of cars and components.
2. Maintainability on the knee any student with a hammer in his hand.
3. The smoothness and comfort of course, ground clearance is decent, drives like a jeep, and is in 100 times less.
4. Eating low on petrol, the 2.5-liter engine is not a 5.7 in a Chevy Tahoe, and the size and capacity of the machine almost the same.

Cons of the car:the stupid marketers, and maybe the traitors, took the machine out of production. Destroyed as the great Soviet Union, sold for a penny.

But in any minus is a plus, a huge plus in this case: long before those cars are super rare and to buy this will be possible only for a very large sum. In contrast to the example of Porsche, still in production, nothing sarnogo does not represent.

Advice to buyer: by far the in our time to buy. The price of the Bicycle, and the benefits more than from a Porsche Panamera

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