Review of Ford Kuga 2.0 l turbo 2012 by Sergey from Kiev

Ford Kuga

Year, mileage: 2012, 7.300 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.0 turbo diesel
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Write the first your opinion on the car.

My wife and I chose the car carefully and long. Originally there were several candidates and as the analysis of reviews, test drives, and personal preferences opinion has varied, but the list remained unchanged, Honda CR-V, VW Tiguan, BMW X1, Ford Kuga. The budget for the car was limited to $40t, and an important selection criterion is the fuel consumption.

Diesel initially had not planned to buy (operating experience) and was looking at all the cars with a gasoline engine. Ford Kuga, was the last car added to the list. Although initially I was very skeptical For the brand, as the head was sewn a stereotype American cars. Since the experience of the States did not take their cars seriously, except for their pickup trucks and corvettes with the Mustang.

Initially, nothing but Honda CR-V anything else is not watched, as they themselves exploited the Honda HR-V (2005. 1.6 5dr CVT, город9-10l, трасса10л) and moment of change the car dashed 128т.km and was completely satisfied with the car. Plus our whole family goes only to Honda: CR-V 2.0 AT 2007, город10, 5-11hp, трасса8-10l (100T km) and a 2.4 AT 2008 город12, 5-13.5 years, трасса8-11hp (70T km) with positive feedback and no major complaints on the machine.

A little ride on CR-V 2.0 around town and a few trips around Ukraine a little disappointed. From pluses – 1. well-designed interior space, the rear seats, the possibility to regulate the forward-backward and backrest angle that is very comfortable on long journeys. 2. Big and roomy trunk. Like a reliable car, but compared to the HR-V, CR-V loses. Several times was unplanned rides on during operation. Breakage was also while our older HR-V has been reliable and trouble free. If Honda would release the new HR-V, it would have taken and thought. Consumption in the city is difficult to fit into 10 liters, really 10.5-11hp in Kiev. On the road is difficult to go 150-160 mph if you have 4 people and a trunk of things. Acceleration in 4th gear and the revs near the red zone to 150 go to 5th. At the slightest slowing down the machine immediately switches to 4th and trying to accelerate again. The old box 5 speed, Yes, but proven and reliable, but personally I did not like. With this drive Kiev-Odessa-Kiev machine ate 10.l/100km. Machine soft, comfortable, but not nimble. I think that it fairly be attributed more to the family minivan with ground clearance. The wife’s brother operates 2.4 every day, 2 children all day on the different sections and schools carries. This machine is suitable for 100% family car.

The stereotype of the first — Want the leader of the engineering in the automotive industry – BMW X1. The car is good, beautiful, city fit 100%. Plus Bayern have a great offer for 2.0 AT gasoline rear-wheel drive for EUR 31т that with the fall of the Euro fit into the budget. My wife and I really liked the car, test drive, too. Of the minuses for our selection was factors 1. rear-wheel drive – winter we have not been canceled, and the rear drive is always minus in the winter. 2. The cost and frequency of treatment in service. AWT Bavaria sells premium segment, and therefore the service will not be cheap. Plus the brand BMW you need to love to often visit the service to cause flashing of the indicator on the dashboard. Smart machine with advanced technology, which not infrequently causes them to fail or not work properly in our conditions. So as we do not want to take the X1? Sober excluded from the list of candidates. BUT I think that if full drive fit into our budget of $40t, I would have still bought the BMW and ignored all the cons.

The VW Tiguan. I liked everything, the car is good, ranging from engine and transmission to interior and quality materials. The only negative is the price! $42-43t and stay away. For us it was overpriced despite the fact that neither the skin nor the faces for the money no, I think that the price in Ukraine on this car is overpriced, but nevertheless, the model successfully sold and neither the importer nor the dealers have no desire to do good discounts. In Germany, base Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi starts AT EUR 31700, and the cheapest grade of VW Tiguan Trend&Fun 2.0 TDI starts AT EUR 31425

But why in Ukraine the price of diesel KUGA and TIGUAN is 80000-100000 UAH. difference. Yes, the only negative is the 2 year warranty.

Ford Kuga and how it all turned out…
First became acquainted with the Kuga accidentally. In the fall of 2011, came to the sink Yumas Car, bought a discount on the sink. Until washed the car, nothing to do went to look at fords, as nothing about them is not known, and the interior for the corners. The friendly Manager offered a test drive Ford Kuga 2.5 petrol in the maximum configuration. I readily agreed and immediately was blown away from the machine. Dynamics of a plane, the suspension and chassis tuning are just super. Stable, maneuverable, good interior materials. In a word, were impressed after a test drive. The only thing that did not like it at first glance is the dashboard and radio (now used to like everything even more). After the CR-V it was strange, what a trendsetter VW Tiguan still knows a lot about ergonomics.

In the spring of 2012 conducted a full study on test drives, reviews in Ukrainian, Russian, German, and British presses and discovered the Ford on the other hand.

As it turned out that everything is much better than my stereotype about Ford. Machines produce and razrabatyvayut the Germans, the chassis of the Focus, which is not inferior to the management of Golf and the BMW 3.

Ford brand No. 1 in Britain and No. 2 in Europe. Guys know a lot about cars, they are Germans.

In may 2012, took another 2 test drive on diesel and one on a small road on Trukhanov island.
Diesel left in all the same positive emotions as gasoline. Yes dynamics are more modest, the diesel than the derated volvovsky motor sport, but also impressive. CR-V (2.0 and 2.4) are inferior to the diesel Ford Kuga. I’m not a racer, so the more important point to save fuel and this diesel is just a song.

Bought Kuga under share — 20000uah in June and additionally beat out a considerable discount which covered the registration and all additional equipment.

Originally planned to buy in Kiev on the Winner, where a good friend works in the sales Department! The most he could offer in addition to the current stock 20, 000 from the price another 3%! he says a lot based on his sales experience. Standard 1-2%!

But the dealer from the region offered a price far below all of his efforts.

The same discount for the winner to knock did not work, Vinner said that the machine they still sell such a discount can not do. So my wife and I travelled to another city and saved a lot of money! The conclusion is that it is much easier to obtain a discount from regional dealers than the greedy capital’s salons (specifically the Winner)! Here’s my story.

2 months has already managed to roll 7300 km. the average consumption for the entire run, I have 8л. keep a record of all fuel/mileage and automatic flow rate for each tank in the Road Trip app for the iPhone. Very convenient thing, on the Russian forum our countrymen advised. Started to keep records after only 1800 km. For all the time most at the gas station OKKO diesel Euro. 3 times filled OKKO pulse, but savings in consumption has not received, yet did not shed. Do not understand mathematics in the pulse and don’t see the point to pay 1 UAH per liter 1. Perhaps this is true with the onset of cold weather. Once I filled it with Shell V-Power diesel consumption got the same as OKKO. Yet, my record on the track 7.3 OKKO diesel Euro. It was in Lviv region, went slowly 80-110 km/h On the highway in economy mode to go hard, especially on a good road. I think if you go 90-100, it is possible to achieve the passport 5.8. may like that and try safe the pensioner’s drive. Machine all the time provokes a movement with higher speed. At least in the city I reached to 7.3 on Ultra (near Fur) and 7.55 on WOG diesel. In the combined cycle my consumption ranges 7.7-8! After the CR-V and HR-V nice to look at consumption . Did oil change and filter on 6400км.

At the moment the machine is happy on 100%. Our family is small, me and wife, so space in the car enough. I agree with the opinion that the VW Tiguan, Honda CR-V more space in the back row, and the trunk is roomier. But the potatoes we don’t carry, and before that, and so it all fits on Honda HR-V where the trunk is less than the Kuga. Really like the boot in the Kuga, the top cover is very convenient and practical to use.

Of the minuses is the lack of cruise control in Trend specification, is very helpful on the track and sound insulation of wheel arches (on the rough asphalt, feel the noise).

As they say that the perfect car does not exist and each individually modify cars for themselves.

Dopamine is protect the engine and differential, alarm Cobra. Even bought a back Cobra seats (in Britain, 2.5 times cheaper than in Ukraine), I plan to install it in office.the dealer, and then I laid guarantee. The full hull.

With the launch in cold weather yet I have no personal experience. But an experienced motorman say that the main thing to fill a quality winter Solarium and everything is OK.

Overall, very pleased with the machine.

I think that the Ford Kuga is a perfect car in price/quality. German diesel for the price of Korean (we got even cheaper). Warranty 3 years Ford Assistance on the road. The presence of several of. Dealers in Kiev for Maintenance.

Car pros:overall, very pleased with the machine.
I think that the Ford Kuga is a perfect car in price/quality. German diesel for the price of Korean (we got even cheaper). Warranty 3 years Ford Assistance on the road. The presence of several of. Dealers in Kiev for Maintenance.

The car cons:Of the minuses is the lack of cruise control in Trend specification, is very helpful on the track and sound insulation of wheel arches (on the rough asphalt, feel the noise).

Advice to buyer: overall, very pleased with the machine.
I think that the Ford Kuga is a perfect car in price/quality. German diesel for the price of Korean (we got even cheaper). Warranty 3 years Ford Assistance on the road. The presence of several of. Dealers in Kiev for Maintenance.

After 1 month. and 6 days Sergey added mileage exceeded 9900км. the normal flight. everyone is happy. the average consumption for all time of 7.8 l/100km. on the highway at 100 kmh on the run 530км achieved a consumption of 6.9 l/100km (I think that may be less on some parts itigil). in the combined cycle consumption of 7.3-7.7 l/100km.

After 2 months. and 12 days Sergey added mileage 11800км. the normal flight. everyone is happy. the average consumption for all time of 7.8 l/100km. with the beginning of the school year, the traffic in Kiev has increased and purely urban consumption (without leaving for city boundaries) increased to 8.2-8.7 l/100km. The increase in consumption offset by purchase of stamps OKKO 9.3 UAH:) winter tires I bought Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT, has not yet changed.

After 3 months. and 13 days Sergey has added: bought tires GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice WRT on Kuga, changed in early November. frost/snow yet, but still noticed that the tyre is much softer than stock. the car was on them softer and more comfortable. bought for 1500grn. already traveled more than 1000km. as winter will come to Kiev — I will unsubscribe!

After 4 months. and 8 days Sergey added mileage 14200км. weekend mileage set a personal record on the economy Kagarice 6.6 L. 2 people in the car, winter tires, low beam — Kiev-Odessa highway mileage 420км, speed 100-110 km / h, average across the Board. my computer turned 80 kmh. the normal flight. everyone is happy. the only thing — there was a small sverchek in the area of torpedoes, until it was discovered.

After 4 months. and 13 days Sergey has added: c 15/12/12 in Kiev has already come the first real frosts to -13-15. in the morning in the Parking lot looking fine no problems so far. although on the first morning of frost was a little nervous because the evening started with a full tank of conventional diesel (down to -20) OKKO, since not all the coupons used, which are fit only to Christmas. made to a conclusion that it is better to fill a maximum of half a tank for the possibility of topping up of the Arctic as the temperature decreases. at -15 warmed diesel as well as petrol maloljetnice, strong discomfort with the warm-up felt.

In 5 months. and 9 days Sergey has added: 14/01/13. Mileage 15800км. Made the cutoff by consumption in the cold season. From the end of November drove 1700км, mileage is pure city, no highway, and given a 10-point pre-new year traffic jams in Kiev. the average consumption for this run given the warm-up period on checks turned out to 8.7 l/100km, on the Board. my computer 8.8 l/100km. Average speed of 25-26km/h In a period of insane traffic jams in December, the flow on the side. the comp grew to 9.3-9.4 l/100km. The average consumption for the entire run of the machine (15800км)increased from 7.9 l/100km to 8L/100km. In the cold flooded conventional Euro diesel (down to -20) OKKO, coupons have ended, so last time I filled Mozyr-23S on Ultra in Kiev. Winter tires GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice WRT happy. The car is also very satisfied. Go for THAT 1 dashed off 16400-16500км, changed oil after running at 6400км.

After 6 months. and 7 days Sergey has added: 10/02/13. mileage 16900км. 2.0 diesel PS
today was-1. Before I changed the oil and filter on 6400км. Works made only rules — oil change, oil filter and cabin filter…From the recommendations of — 1. replace the air filter (showed, dust all over) and 2. top up the coolant was on the minimum. said, that independently buy and change the filter and top up coolant.
The total cost of THE 1340 UAH. Time less than 2 hours. with warming above freezing since last week, the consumption in town has dropped significantly to 8.3-8.4 l/100km over 200km since the last fill up. The average consumption for the entire mileage 8L/100km. All happy, no complaints.

After 7 months. and 28 days Sergey has added: 2/04/13. mileage 18500км. the average consumption for the entire run of 8.1 l/100km. No complaints, the winter was fine, all happy! ordered summer tires GoodYear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 size 235/45/17 profile below starovich 55. Good price for a great tire — the leader in braking distance. Will change as the average temperature rises to + Winter tires is very happy. how warm will come to Kiev — I will unsubscribe!

After 8 months. and 10 days Sergey has added: 15/04/13. mileage 19100км. at the weekend I changed the shoes for the summer and made the collapse, for all 250grn. put the stock summer tires. Ordered tires GoodYear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 size 235/45/17 refused due to the 45 profile, and the terrible roads.
mileage in the cold period (1/11/12-1/04/13) 5750 km and 1400 km of them (25%) track. the average consumption for the cold period 8.6 l/100km. consumption for the entire run auto 8.1 l/100km.
with the arrival of the heat consumption began to noticeably fall.
no complaints, all happy.

Through 9 months. and 9 days Sergey has added: 14/05/13 mileage 23500км.
For may a bit of a hit in Eastern Europe, the route 3700км.
Kyiv-Lviv average speed of 107 mph, to Beregovo average mileage of Kiev fell to 90кмч, mileage 825км, consumption by check 8.5 L.
Yesterday I filled full tank and an average consumption for the pin 7L/100kmč, run on the second cut-off travel 2900км, the average speed 75кмч.
On a long trip the car proved excellent, the inconvenience is not felt, the only drawback is the lack of cruise control, but I already wrote about this before buying and knew I would miss him. but not for the 40t UAH:)
All happy, no complaints. consumption over the entire period of operation of the cars 23500км — 8L/100kmč for checks.

Through 10 months. and 6 days Sergey has added: 10/06/2012 mileage 24800км. today is exactly 1 year after buying the car. the average consumption for the entire run 8L/100km. At the weekend made a gift to Kuharica — mounted DRL from MS Design. Also a week ago installed a tow bar for transporting bikes. The machine is happy, complaints and no complaints. Made the right choice in this class and at a very attractive price.

Through 11 months. and 6 days Sergey has added: 10/07/2012 mileage 26000км. At the weekend, had planned on 26ткм or after 9ткм after THEN 16ткм who did have OD, not to fly off the warranty.
I don’t trust marketing Ford at THAT time in 20ткм. I believe that our reality is a lot. After warranty you can become a frequent customer of the service. Well, that’s a separate topic for discussion. Changed all filter, including fuel. Air dirty, despite the fact that min 4.5 tkm mileage on the highway. Only salonik after 9ткм was in good condition, but I also changed for a new one. Will blow the previous one and will put on next. Now also going to change the filter every 8-10ткм, I think the Kuga will only say thank you. On the first of the 3rd photo after the fuel 26ткм probigua, the last 2 pictures of the vent after 9ткм.
sorry for poor quality photo due to scratched iphone camera:( Raskhodnki acquired to exist, just like STO cost: all filters (air, oil fuel, cabin) and 6L of 5W30 oil ARAL — 1110грн, the value of 270 UAH..

In 13 months. and 29 days Sergey has added: 1/10/2013 mileage 31500км. During the weekend I installed the heater Eber D4 on Q4, at the time the car was given at 8:30 took off at 20:30.
Heater with mounting kit and remote control relays to operate the climate, set up in Kiev.
Remote control with feedback and a range of up to 1000 m under optimal conditions.
Integrated timer function with three pre-time settings run the heater for 24 hours and 7 days, with the time setting of the heating duration from 10 to 120 minutes.
The numeric temperature display in the car.
Supports diagnostics heater.
LCD display with backlight — very comfortable, useful and comfortable thing!

After 14 months. and 27 days Sergey has added: 10/29/2013 mileage 33200км. A few weeks ago I installed a cruise control (CC) set a Trend where this feature was not included. It’s very simple, doustanovit buttons KK and changed the back cover on the steering wheel. Posting for KK is stretched by default, just buttons attached to the harness, and activated the function KK in the brain of the car. Missed the cruise, is now very happy. Also did a native firmware on 163лс in picking titanium, RDS, tire pressure sensor, avtozapravna, arming with double locking at the 1st pressing, the real temperature of the engine, opening only the driver’s door with 1 press and all in the 2nd. All the buns are happy, the car became more fun to go after a more powerful firmware. Everyone is very happy. If anyone is interested, I can give the contact where these buns can be activated.

After 26 months. and 12 days Sergey has added: 09/10/2014 mileage 47500км. During the weekend I did THE oil change, filter, air, cabin and fuel filter. Also changed the oil in the box and the filter. I wanted to change the oil in the Haldex coupling, the master made a small oil intake, it was light, and the magnet was not a hedgehog. So I decided not to change but to do another test in the spring. The average consumption of checks for the entire mileage of 8.3 l/100km. Complaints and no breakdowns. The machine is happy.

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