Review of Ford Focus Wagon 1.6 l in 2011 by Margarita from Kiev

Ford Focus

Year, mileage:2011
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol

Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Long chose the car, he got us a Ford Focus. At first I looked at the salon is very rustic. But then I realized that appearance is not important, very reliable. The car does not break often did, a spacious… I’ve been a year, so all the emotions subsided. For me in the car, the main thing reliability. For all time changed the shock absorber and the front hubs and that’s my fault, drove into a deep hole at high speed. The machine is very frisky, especially since I have mechanics, I can at traffic lights to give odds machines. Even people who drove a Camry praised this car for comfort. Many people write bad insulation, its insulation value by 100%. If you compare cars of a higher class and Ford of course you can complain but you need to understand the difference between the price the price of higher class machines. Think next Car will be a Ford too.

The pros of the car:Reliability.
The price of the repair.

The car cons:Disadvantages not found.

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