Review of Fiat Tipo 1.6 l 2017 from Sergey from Kiev

Fiat Tipo

Year, mileage: 2017, 13.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol
Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 8.0 l/100km, road: 5.0 l/100km, average: 7.0l/100km

Took with new salon! Many do not like to write, describe briefly.

The machine is very good, she only has one drawback, over time, begin to rattle the side plastic covers near mirrors (in the cabin) and the socket where the control Windows (put a self-adhesive fleecy and eliminated), the negativity was over and only because of this General impression was given 4 stars.

Was creaking in the area of the driver’s stand where the belt, the suits sorted, assembled and nothing was fixed, took 500 UAH for the diagnosis. Nafik such a service? In the end, googling the reviews, I went, bought white grease and lubed the locks, all was silence. And I have to say, maybe the locks need oiling, dry? There is no need.

Now the pros, hodowca rebuilt mega, in a word, the Italians, the car is so stable and friendly that even a child to cope with it, on the highway when there was a moment turned to go 185km/h, say comfortable is to say nothing, just put your hands on the wheel and rolled as if the food is 80 km. The car is just incredibly stable and the speed is absolutely not felt. Acceleration, on the service saying that this is not 1.6 and 1.6 turbo, XS what it is, but in the city at traffic lights I am the first (when I want), the car rushing. But on the highway, after 130-140km acceleration is not as frisky and overtaking are difficult for, say, even 150.

In naprasnosti engine feels strained in light engine 170 to 160 the car runs easily and naturally, another question, where to go 160? Nowhere, 130 max.

Planting, materials in General, the quality of materials on a cut above the competition, looking for a car in the range of 500 — 600tys, looked, Kia, Mazda, Chevrolet, Hardy, Citroen, even a Toyota (actually trash cans), Fiat proved to be the most sturdy.

The car broke down the road Kyiv-Henichesk, flew into such holes, I thought everything came fucking live. I have seen other brands (for the sake of solidarity I will not name brands) that flew into the same hole and was left without wheels, in a word, the Fiat is reliability.

The machine in my budget is the only machine that responds instantly without the stupidity and 4 seconds samocevety like a Mazda 3. Pressed — go at the moment, twice threw the pedal fell instantly and went to overtake in manual mode I don’t switch, there’s no need, the box is the best in its class.

What I want to say? Comfortable, quick, nice car, and yet correctly configured the sound in the cabin, and balanced, certainly not Hi-End, lacks a little bit of the stereo field and detail treble, but it was the frequency response is very good, the sound of all these — a machine that sounds better!!!

What else do I need? Nothing, after having traveled to different salons after, I realized what all the rest of the car is sad, is that the Germans are good, but when you look at alpha, Audi seem Chinese.

The following auto — only Italian and probably it will be the alpha!

Car pros:Reliability, dynamics, instant reaction to the pedal, automatic transmission, sound in the cabin (music).

Cons of the car:Over time, began to rattle pads on the mirrors in the cabin, judging by the reviews all of it, easily treated indiscriminately.

Advice to buyer: Definitely recommend!!!

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