Review of Fiat Grande Punto 3 door 2007 from Maxim from Simferopol

Fiat Grande Punto

Year, mileage: 2007, 15,000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front

Body type: coupe, 3 doors.

Overall rating

Became the owner of this miracle a month ago, bought in the salon. Say, all the reasons mentioned below should be considered via the prism of the previous car — 21099. The first thing that caught — of course design. Even now the more I look — the more like. Outside is just lovely.
Inside, everything or almost everything is at hand and intuitive. With the music on the steering wheel and climate control all clear without instructions. The music itself is quite a, 6 kolnik enough. The computer is also quite easy to manage.
You can set the speed limit (have not tried it, say — starts a heart-rending squeak). Adjustable seat and steering wheel no problem, with my 187 cm sitting very comfortable. Insulation level, the Focus is much noisier. Got one glitch — the rear seat backrest is not fixed in a vertical position, the latch does not work.
The motor, of course, want powerful. But, first, there is a version with 95 PS and the second in the city is enough 77 l/s. and with current prices for 95-octane gasoline… On the waterfront (count — on the highway) under 80-85 km/h on 5th gear on the computer a flow rate of 5 liters. He would not have believed, but a fact. Over a month of operation the average consumption in the city of 9 liters.

Car pros:Appearance
Fuel consumption

Cons of the car:the Image of the brand. For some reason the masses believe Fiat something like Chinese. Treated with interest, but with the lack of understanding

Advice to buyer: Recommended — young, without stereotypes. For those who buy what you like, not what is fashionable.

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