Review of Fiat Ducato 2.8 TD 1999 Constantine from Kiev

Fiat Ducato

Year, mileage: 1999, 450.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 2.8 diesel

Body type: wagon, 4 DV.

Overall rating

2.8 is good but not a reliable motor so it’s a timing belt and a bunch of commercials. Fuel consumption is really not great, but the fuel type Bosch durable and smoke in any case. PPC is quite a different story — always buzzing, synchronous weak. What makes a CAT so it is acceleration of the transmission. The first turtle, third missile, the fifth is afraid of loads at low speed.

Suspension is very BAD, in Kiev up to 30 thousand km, will continue to repair, to replace saylenbloki, earrings under the slide breaks in half a year or 50 thousand km.

Hub bearing — when replacing walks to 30-40 thousand km There is the option of replacing the hub at BU from Germany, goes longer.

Comfort — no, no arm rests, no Cup holders, stove gemoroynaya (the resistor, the motor, the switch), the headlights, the horror.

The body was painted in order zgnili. Although the body has no narekaniy. Big Buda. length 3.3, width, 1.8 height 1.85. Between the arches 1.37… the rear door lock does not go…

In short the machine is cheap without online. You see them on the road ?! Their no — Renault Master taxis and Sprinter ))). There is nothing to compare! You know?!

Car pros:Cheap. The 2.8 motor from Iveco.

Cons of the car:Running horror though cheap. Cat horror, buzzing, wait, switching is also not a sport. The comfort is missing.

Advice to buyer: Machine for DIY. Take not, you always have to twist.

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