Review of Chevrolet Captiva 2.4 l 2017 from Vyacheslav of Kiev

Chevrolet Captiva

Year, mileage: 2017, 200 km
Transmission, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.4 petrol
Set.: LT Black Editio
Bodywork: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall assessment

Fuel consumption in the city: 12.0 l/100km, on the highway: 0.0 l/100km, average: 0.0 l/100km

The family was noticeably absent for a 7 seater Vienna (was before Chery Croosseastar is a very good machine, see my garage). Of course the meal of choice:). What we have on the market at a reasonable price and comfort with Cross (I note that on the premium at the wheel did not go and did not own them). Well, it’s time to salons, foot in hand, wife under his arm and flew… So, if you take, the CeTO fatter and thicker.

1. Hyundai USF — came, the Manager pleasantly greeted, showed, started, told, promised winter tires and the lack of a luxury tax (and then of course — Hyundai already premium :))) ). Watched TOP, but without the panorama, but too narrow in the cabin, the length is fine, the interface and other buns are. DIESEL did not own, but why not try… all good, but the rumble, however. Well…th price? And for the price of 50…51К Baku in the top, 46К average grade, but with skin and a tiny screen with rear view camera, well, 40K Base is on the rag and a little cassette recorder, m-daaa..

What else is a 7-seater?

2. Infinity (in the words of Stillavin in the «Big test drives»), Infiniti QX60 — Prices on a par with Hyundai (about 50K) Times live — watching. The salon to go «scary» — everywhere the premium, definitely Shoe covers on his feet. Manager: What would you want? Here it is worth — watching… 2.5 hybrid? Yes there is one in stock….What is the difference between 3 and 5? Oh, you fuel economy? …. then you Bodice, dear, need. 50+rubles To the American’s prerogative….

Fell mood, dialogue failed….maybe a suit with cufflinks should be worn and a yellow leather briefcase to grab. Well, the premium disappears.

3. Salon Skoda 2.0 TSI Kodiak management friendly, honest, it is clear that there is a desire to sell. sat, felt, it’s not bad, but the extra expensive I…need to wait 4 months. Sorry, a very long spring on the nose — in the Bungalow and the sea «bezveze» I want to :)

4. Citroen Grand Picasso — high ceiling, a good slider and small gap at base of 2840 mm does not promise anything good
Downshifting continues… Went to the Chevy dealership — there is Orlando — look it up!

5. Orlando 1.4 T LTZ gasoline — it’s not bad, but the seat back does not move on the sled, cloth seats modestly — are tightening. Seats on the 2nd row is small, on duty 3rd row as a normal space.

6. He was standing next to…bribed by a high grille and LEATHER, black, smelling of new car, leather (I’m in 2009 not to renew the fleet, so forgot that smell — the smell of a new car). The seats are comfortable (height 176) On the second row at ease and the third row are interesting. Management friendly, all told, showed, started the diesel — no…cocota. What color? Well, there is white, silver,… here want dark brown and graphite. And what about the commandment of Mr. Ford? Yes, I understand, come with me…. It was dark. The interior lights cast a dim light…. Holy cow, Yes it is a Q7 in the profile, only shorter. 19″ rollers, what more could you want. Rycerski vinyl and other decorations… Wrap! We need to get with memory? Certainly, here the Deposit — bring!

Waited 10 days — came, looked at (the car without mileage, but most likely stood in the show room — a little leather driver’s seat as if flattened…fault.) Captured was the thickness of paint — everything is OK — not the cue (and with new cars it happens).

Buns from the salon:

— Protection
— Mats (gum);
— Leda to the nearest lamp;
— Anticorrosive.

And the installation of the buns was worth the money :)

Buy in addition

The pin on the box;
— Tires for the winter (235/55/19).

Waited 2 weeks DOPA (Well, UkrAVTO is familiar :))

These days auto Manager warned that you will need to reflash the function of monitoring of blind zones, and the computer they have repaired. You can go Stoliczka, but there for a pittance… wait 2 weeks, of discomfort is not felt without this feature :)
Such spoon of tar… well, not to be all «Thank God»


Gentlemen, in the car, nothing will fasten, nice Suspension getcontentkey (rollers + 2.5 pressure), but does not knock and does not break. A lot of places, the Trunk hoo. Beautiful, bitch!!! A lot of people are looking (or I think so). Many buttons and functions — it’s not mastered yet. Ass warm, the heat blows cool St optics, adjustments, optics and modes too much, do not need so many (auto — mode would be removed). Washers work record, but the control lever is overloaded. May-the link works well. Have Parktronic in a circle, but no digital readout of distances (at least back added), and I can not found the output on the screen or BK. Dirt loves only the rear glass, do the doors and rear bumper — side panel clean the hood, too — there just are not reach — fit high.

Engine — the Holy of holies! 2.4 — while the run-in and ECO mode, but pulls well. I don’t chase…let go already… I have enough. So far, only the city 100% 12 l in BC (how many light bulb do not know, because he took a car with megabusty tank, splashed 30L and drove to lampochki 180 km), Now splashed 50L — Pocatello. The engine heats up quickly — the heat is on in 3 minutes and 70 degrees C and -3 on the street. Diesel here in the loss….The gas does not plan to set – up, but 15L/100km in BC so far away:)
What else unsubscribe?

And, Yes, BU the car is not considered. Less than 7 seats too (Not well, why Sorry or santafe on 5 places are 10K green is more expensive and not as Packed with options, with the same 2.4?)

While the mileage any, but it’ll add a little opinion. If a lot of letters — do not be angry and dizlak not reproach. Thank You!

Car pros:Body high, but without banks.
7 seats.
6st automatic transmission.

Cons of the car:Not yet, but… I’m not tempted.

Advice to buyer: Suggest, as the model is much more expensive than what she asked for.
Sores on information from the Internet little all polecany (as the car is in fact 11 years on the Assembly line with Facelifting).

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