Review of Audi A3 Sedan 2.0 l turbo 2016 from Andrey from Khmelnitsky

Audi A3

Year, mileage: 2016, 12.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 2.0 turbo diesel
Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 7.5 l/100km, on the highway: 6.3 l/100km, average: 6.5l/100km

Car for 2 months, and 12 to the mileage traveled (or rather flew at low level) from Mukacheve to Kharkiv from Kiev sea to the Crimea. I will compare with the previous Jaguars — flagship XJ and proportionate A3 Jaguar X-type.

Believe it or not, I bought the car in his pocket, his 15 thousand NO DOLLARS, and UAH! In General, cars worth 38 dollars discounted to $ 24 (DESELECT), after reporting PAUL «what’s What» about this car for a couple of days sold a truck of another item for 5 Euro, suffered in the salon money on the loan, Porsche Finance at 19, then sold the old machine for 5 — given for the product). And another $ 200 for room and $ 500 for Ukraine’s only fully light grey leather interior (all promotion was on black).

Now auto:

1. Dynamics 2.0 diesel — breath-taking!

No match for X-Jay with 4 liters V8, but makes the 3-liter Jaguar X-type with V6. Yes as long as 150 horses under the hood stock, but the torque of 340 Newton metres at just 1350 kilo of metal-aluminum body. And these Newtons very vigorously dispersed with a car seat (tears dry asphalt on larger tires) and that thing with the 50 is that 150 km/h acceleration is impressive forcefulness downhill and 400 kg on Board (almost all the trip with the family far from pooolny trunk). So that You knew went to Kharkov Khmelnitsky — well, there are a couple of cars ahead at speeds over 200, went on the Arabat spit with the family — no car ahead of over 2000 km (a couple of Ford Mustangs new, 3 new Porsche, a few BMW’s — Yes, it initially also successfully overtook or came off when I pressed them back, but after 20-30 overtaking other cars (alternately I and they), or after 20-50 km at speeds of 180-220 seems they were spared the gasoline, itself well or the car and blinking right turn signal or just trailing after my overtaking in General stayed behind and I continued on krasilcic and completely comfortable for the three diesel 120-150.

2. Consumption:

City 7-8.5 (climate and traffic), averaging 7.5 constantly.
My wife on the highway for 200-300 miles — 4.2-4.5 at 80-90 (I’ve seen it several times) and Audi is clearly still on Board computer (measured tanks a couple of times for accuracy) and every time after refueling until a throat cleared.
My route today was 5.5 is 100-120, but always 6.3-6.5 is 140-150 cruising with overtaking to 200.

3. Comfort:

Insulation, comfort, music, and brakes on a par with the Jaguar x-type which at one time was 45, but again, not equal x, j 110 K and the pneuma. In General, the cover 120 is almost unheard of, and well liner bottom is isolated after 140 aerodynamic already heard the buzz, after 180 already heard well, that’s actually why my speed is 130-150 rpm and the diesel 2400-2600. During acceleration and 3000 rpm (170 km/h) is added rootok beautiful — but of course no match for the V6 and especially the V8 — though it compensates for all the ridiculous expense — at speeds of up to 100 it does not consume gasoline and sniffing.

Music — for me at 3 points (I’m an audiophile with acoustics for 10, no the hryvnia in this case), someone will be on 5, but again, Alpine acoustics Jaguars — 4 to me.

Keyless entry, panorama, xenon, high-quality leather, all electric seats, heated, nice crisp steering, expensive tires 215/55/16 — this all adds to the comfort.

4. Ground clearance, suspension, climate control — this is the weak side.

The suspension knocks on the excesses, large waves, high speeds (as in the x-J. on the appeal at the time), it is much too soft at high speeds in harsh small. The climate is weak, poorly cool in the heat, a bit noisy, being disabled did not miss the air in the interior and on the glass, it is necessary to include a 1 to glass Abduvali and at least some inflow, the C grade is already clearly audible. Ground clearance 12 cm under the protection and plastic covers — many times even cling to the bottom of the hill on the pavement, not to mention the track after cars. Even autobuffer original for 4K hryvnia set — clearance is not increased but almost seems to have no punches.

5. Overall experience — but without a solid 5 +.

Car new price 25 K is a tale for the prestige brands, for a full Fula, this hurricane dynamics, sufficient comfort and low consumption. Here is a video of Paul «Cipher deselective Golf wagon 2.0». So Audi is not even close to the Golf course with his settings and not the Passat with its mass. Audi 3 with the same diesel nacionalny REALLY goes 8.5 to hundreds and naaaamnogo less to one hundred and fifty and two hundred and than a chipped Golf and Passat.

Over 12,500 kilometers in 2 months the car presents only pleasant surprises, it wants to go (well, it can be seen for 6 thousand a month!). Machine Yes, a little inside, but compensates again I say good dynamics and comfort-a bright living room panorama good equipment (where on the calculator Audi options more than 200 thousand despite the fact that it was bought for 640 thousand)!

And all the fairy tale ended — promotional A3 a few hundred cars in Ukraine sold out in a couple of weeks after the story of Paul Kaschuk, and promotional A5 2 dozen were sold out in a couple of hours!

And a special thank you Infocare for the website and information, intellectual Glory, the giant of autojournalists Yaroslav and special kudos to editor-in-chief, expert, autogermana and just a great journalist Paul! Although his AVTOSALON and understandable language for specific kids sometimes jarring..

Car pros:Speaker, package!
Promotional price!!!

Cons of the car:suspension is Weak and climate.
Small car.
Expensive DOP.

Advice to buyer: a decent Car, worth take!

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