Premium sedans D-class: return to pride Jaguar XE (VIDEO)

The decline in the market share of sedans of class D is one of the main trends of recent years, affecting not only the premium model. In a profitable niche reached new firms. First, Cadillac decided to launch a compact sedan ATS, and now Jaguar. What can beginners? To answer this question, we went to Dmitrov avtopoligone, taking with him the examiners – fresh Infiniti Q50 and Mercedes-Benz C 250.

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)
Competitors: Cadillac ATS, Infiniti Q50, Jaguar XE and Mercedes-Benz C 250, all with two-liter petrol turbo engine and an automatic transmission.

  • CADILLAC ATS – 2.0 l, petrol, 276 HP, 6-speed automatic, Performance, 2 545 000.
  • INFINITI Q50 – 2.0 l, diesel, 211 HP, 7-speed automatic, Hi-tech 2 245 000 rubles.
  • JAGUAR XE 2.0 l, diesel, 240 HP, 8-speed automatic, Prestige, 644 2 800 rubles.
  • MERCEDES-BENZ C 250 – 2.0 l, diesel, 211 HP, 7-speed automatic, AMG Line, 3 553 000 rubles.

Our Quartet – with two-liter petrol turbo engines and automatic gearboxes. So, the chances of winning are roughly equal?


Infiniti Q50 length of 4.8 meters – is the largest car in the segment. It can be easily mistaken for a sedan of business class. The only design refinement, dilution monumental appearance – zigzag-pillar.

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)

Test the premium sedans of the middle class: the classics and contemporaries. Part 1

New «Mercedes-Benz C‑Class», only rushed to the Russian market, is able to independently rotate. Another novelty is «infiniti-Q50″…

The interior leaves a dual sense. On the one hand, it’s clearly not a premium gloss finish in some places a simple, uncomplicated color combinations, everyday chairs. But most of all puzzled humming, like grinder, power Windows.

On the other hand, fascinates with unusual center console with two touch screens. Top sends the image (alas, dull) with rear view camera and Navigator. Bottom is responsible for managing the infotainment system: here, like tablets, multiple desktops that you can scroll through the «swipe». Sorry, the glossy screen surface is quickly covered with fingerprints.

Part art is the highlight. The connection between the wheel and the wheels are not mechanical, but electronic – steering-by-wire. However, the move is almost non-existent. Wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of Q50 owners of such technology does not even know.

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)
The quality of finishing materials interior Q50 correspond to rivals.

Turbo engine capacity of 211 forces and seven-speed automatic is the same as that of the Mercedes C 250. This is not plagiarism: Daimler and Nissan collaborate closely and exchange some units and units. However, in the movement of «Japanese» of relationship does not show. First, it is noisier; secondly, according to our measurements, the Q50 is inferior in dynamics easier «CESCE». Imposing «pyatydesyaty» to spur, turning system controller Drive Mode to position Sport. In this case, the feedback «on the pedal» will be sharper, the steering wheel is «clamped», and automatic transmission longer holds the selected gear.

On the mountain road landfill sports mode we used all the time, but really prevents the active drive system stabilization, which is triggered early, abruptly and rudely. If you disable ESP, the machine gets very very fussy character and tries to steer into the skid. So without the proper training it is better not to abandon the e-guide. Better yet, don’t rush at all, and then Q50 pleasantly harmonized.

What not to achieve any tricks, so this ride. Infiniti winces at every crack, and the bumps turn into bigger fair bumpy. Want peace of mind – go for a drive on good roads. Or take the version with smaller wheels and high profile tyres.

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)
The touch buttons on the center console grieving a long response to touch. But look stylish. Only Cadillac manual machine honest – the box is not switched to the next higher step when the maximum engine speed


Cadillac is not just trying to gain a foothold in the class of midsize sedans, but without much success. The cause of failures clear to any European, but was not as obvious for the less picky Yanks – badge-engineering. Is it possible, for example, with Opel logo capillaroscopy be considered a real Cadillac?

With the ATS sedan , Jiamusi finally went the right way: it is self-developed machine, and brought in Europe taking into account local driving values. But whether Americans are not confident in their abilities, whether I want to «put fear», but only a constant reminder of the eminent suppliers they have on a leash. There’s Brembo brakes, and a Tremec transmission, and electric power steering premium (these, it appears, too happen) manufactured by ZF…

What Cadillac is self-sufficient and without assistance, is in the ability to impress. Of our Quartet, only on ATS stare around, and one even made a compliment: «Handsome machine!».

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)
The top block of switches is used to configure the projection screen. Sorry, the picture on the windshield dull.

Salon «CADDIE» at first captivated by the good ergonomics, quality finishes and organic lines. But then notice defects. Beautiful touch of a button on the Central console responds with a second pause when already start to doubt, triggered a «click» or not. The belt height is not adjustable. Too loud «ticking» turn signals – like an old watch beloved grandmother. It seems even a little bit- and you will hear the battle clocks.

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)

Test the premium sedans of the middle class: the classics and contemporaries. Part 2

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)

Cadillac ATS in Detroit was named car of the year

Rear view camera transmits such a fuzzy picture looked paunchy color TVs from my childhood. And lines-tip is moved not smoothly, and jerks that don’t easily Park.

The situation is aggravated by the aspherical left mirror, strongly distorts reality. Young unmarried colleague complained that when standing at the traffic lights, noticed in the reflection of the graceful defile beauty, he had to lean out of the window, and throwing away all shyness, and examined it at close range – because in the mirror there is little seen.

But personally, I was brought to a screeching halt multimedia system CUE, which is trained to understand voice commands in Russian. Okay, CUE, now ask the purpose of the Navigator. But how many times have I said welcome address, the system was not able to understand it. Tried to set another goal – also without success.

If you put aside media flaws, the interior I rather liked than not. Low fit, the steering wheel with a comfortable grip, floor the gas pedal and sporty short selector machine promise a lot. As well as the engine – the most powerful Cadillac in the Quartet: 276 «horses»!

But practice for some reason disagreed with theory. Our measurements have shown that the «caddy» gave opponents on all counts: he has a modest background of the maximum speed and flexibility, and acceleration from zero to hundreds of takes 8,2 seconds – where he hid for nearly three hundred «horses»?

        Премиум-седаны D-класса: возвращаем в прайд Jaguar XE (ВИДЕО)
The competition cadillacsa devices you want to call it unsophisticated – it is clearly not enough of the highlights.

There is no claim to the brakes. They catch at the very end of pedal travel, why sometimes have time to get scared. Yes and 39.5 meters of a brake way with hundreds, too, is hardly a cause for pride.

But ATS has surpassed rivals in ride. He gently spreading on moderately broken asphalt and without noise and dust filters to large bumps. Where on other machines unwittingly reduce the speed, the Cadillac is speeding as if nothing had happened. But deflating is controlled. The wheel of the «synthetic» stress, early slide – a quick ride along the winding paths not his strong point.

Relax, highlight of the trip a little longer – and then ATS will charm its style and comfort.

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