Opinion of SkyMoto Bird x3 Ranger of 0.1 L. 2015 from Igor from Kremenchug

SkyMoto Bird x3

Year, mileage: 2015, 3.000 km

Engine: 149 CC

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 3.0 l/100km, on the highway: 2.5 l/100km, average: 3.0l/100km

Long chose, looked narrowly eyeing. Proceeded from their needs and interests. Bought in the spring, assembled out of the box, neatly rolled, changed the oil, ride happy.

Car pros:always Starts easily and confidently, obediently picking up speed, powerfully and quietly goes to any mountain, overcome long lifting even on 4 gear, no reduction. 2-3 transfer confidently on wet grass, on wet sand. The track was with a passenger for 6 hours, 80-90 km/h, with short interruptions: no comments. Quite easy: for fishing, hunting, trips to the most remote places and off-road.

Cons of the car:On the track of the strong side wind causes strain, reduce the speed. Under heavy braking the rear wheel a little over the top to the right, we have to apply the brakes gently. After about 4 000., in any gear, feel the vibration of the engine, somewhere up to 5 500 rpm., After 4-5 hours of nighttime driving with the included headlight, sits the battery pack won’t notice until you stop and try to start the engine with the electric starter. However, I immediately put galogenki: with the regular bulb the light is not enough. It is better go together: a softer course.

Advice to buyer: Motorcycle for those who need a high speed, not heavy, reliable traction, durable.

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