Opinion about the Audi Q7 3.0 l turbo 2015 from Artem from

Audi Q7

Year, mileage: 2015, 1.700 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 3.0 turbo diesel

Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 12.0 l/100km, on the highway: 8.0 l/100km, average: 0.0l/100km

Possess the newest model with all the electronic «bells and whistles» — night vision, matrix, light, radar, auto Parking, etc.

I took the car in leasing, and believed that if she still only three years, it does not make sense to pay more for Japanese reliability, and it will be better to take a German car — for reviews, they seemed to be better, if you ignore the big loss in cost and less reliability. But I guess it was a mistake to assume that German cars are the same value and reliability in return get something.

In principle, a great car, but not for the money. Before that owned a much cheaper Japanese, and it’s amazing how they are not only safer, but in many ways more comfortable.

Car pros:Dynamics, flow, matrix, adaptive high beam, interior.

Cons of the car:— diesel a bit noisy, I expected better.
a terrible screeching of brakes when I stop and start driving.
several walka chassis, and it is on Austrian roads!
— twitches when you stop and start (especially with the included auto-handbrake), it’s hard to stay so that the machine is not kept nodding off.
— appearance — the remnant.

In terms of reliability, in 3 weeks of ownership:

— after 5km after the exit from the dealer, lit TPMS Failure.
— in 1000 miles, there was a clicking when turning the steering wheel when the turn signal is annoying.
— a total of 3 days on the service, clicks of to fix could not, ordered parts.

Advice to buyer: it is Better to take Japanese.

After 1 month. and 25 days Artem added Another of the cons: occasionally it happens that GPS zaslujivaet and starts accurately to determine the position and says that you are, say, in a field 500 meters away from the road.
It would seem, a trifle, but in this case, it disables the cruise control and character recognition — for «you’re on the road, what kind of cruise?»
In the end, go and like a fool I press and I press the gas pedal, which I was not since Polo :)

Service scheduled for next week. To date, mileage 6000км, of which the machine didn’t have a single problem — 5 (five) km :)

After 2 months. and 2 days I finished it: Took the machine out of service. The clicks in the steering wheel removed, on the same day refused a heated steering wheel ))))

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