Opinion about Suzuki Vitara 1.6 l 2017 from Igor from Kiev

Suzuki Vitara

Year, mileage: 2017, 1.200 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 1.6 petrol
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

The car was purchased from the family for novice drivers. Selection criteria: small size, automatic transmission, possibility of connection of a full drive, a high Seating position, the presence of ABS and stabilization system and the maximum number of airbags.

One of the few options under consideration was the Jeep Renegade, but one of the future drivers did not like it (and as a passenger) because it is too vertical rear seat back. On the other hand, the capabilities of the Jeep in terms of hozdejatelnosti was redundant, as the movement did not expect any off-road, four-wheel drive is only needed in the winter due to local conditions. And the price of the Jeep one and a half times higher. After the test drive of the Jeep immediately drove to the salon Suzuki — I wanted «fresh pursuit» to provide him with an alternative. And Vitara liked, despite plastmassist salon.

Later was a test drive of both variants (aspirated 1.6 and a turbocharged 1.4), after which I decided that for the normal movement of the engine 1.6 enough because sharp 1.4 for fresh-baked drivers. And almost immediately you have ordered the car with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive in the average case of GL+, which had almost everything you need for comfortable movement around the city and surroundings.

About the car. Selection of convenient position at the wheel does not cause any problems — the seat has a sufficient range of adjustment, including height adjustable steering wheel height and reach. I, at least, was able to quickly find a comfortable fit. The wife goes, raising the seat up until it stops — so it is easier to see the cutting envelope of the machine. Mirrors are large, and when the reverse transmission to the display system displays the image from the rear camera. The few times that I had to drive Vitara, all I can say is quite energy-intensive suspension (since the car was 4 adults), and light steering wheel, which slightly blurred the zero position. But the complexities of the movement is not the cause, but the city is considerably easier maneuvering, especially when Parking in cramped conditions.

Additional equipment was installed metal engine protection (this is more for moral tranquillity, and a couple of inches of clearance she eats) and sliding the armrest box between the front seats. Interestingly, even in the most tricked-out model has Vitari this armrest is missing, but in life allows you to hide the «trash can», which (from experience) always turns a niche between the front seats. But, in my opinion, this design is now back in the gap between the front and rear seats.

To say something about the dynamics is difficult because the machine has not really been tried and tested and the engine trying to turn above 3000 rpm. Compared to the Koleos the car, of course, more noisy inside when driving — affects the savings on the sly for weight loss, but in the Parking lot the engine in the cabin is almost inaudible and there are no vibrations — even a couple of times I caught myself at thinking that the engine stalled, but look at the tachometer confirmed that he continues to work. Box works seamlessly and is quite properly — gear shift in movement not felt, and if you want you can change gear paddles, but so far this one has not yet used. Consumption while not specifically considered, but it is unexpectedly small, although originally the car was used in the educational movement with frequent stops, reversing, car parks back to training and things like that (the car already had, and «rights» did not exist, so additional training was conducted on it).

The size of the trunk for our needs enough. The floor can be rearranged in two positions: at the bottom increasing due to the depth, and the top forms a subfield, in which you can remove rarely used items. In the upper position forms a practically smooth (without steps) the ground littered with the rear seat back if you need to transport something long or bulky. The second floor is a stowaway with the necessary tools (Jack keys). In corners, the wheel arches of the two niches on the sides that can isolate a removable plastic partitions (a flask with a winter mywiki, for example). In General, those for whom the car was intended, they are completely satisfied. Further operation will show its reliability, but the previous model (this is already old SX4) on the reliability of the engine there was no complaints.

Complaints about the work climate has been received — it put from the beginning on a comfortable temperature, and not touched for the past 2 months.

In the process of further use and the accumulation of impressions the review will be supplemented.

Car pros:7 airbags, including a knee of the driver, the presence of electronic «helpers» type of ESP, stabilization system, and other things, good visibility.

The car cons:Very small glove compartment.

Advice to buyer: If there is no urgent need in all-wheel drive, it is possible to take the car only with front — wheel drive save money at purchase, and the petrol consumption will be slightly less.

The same day Igor added Reliability I put down is not going to, because what can you say about the reliability after 2 months, but the website demanded to put a rating, otherwise the comment is not accepted. So 4 that’s the only reason.

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