Opinion about Renault Kadjar 1.5 l turbo 2016 Lurker4eg from Kiev

Renault Kadjar

Year, mileage: Two thousand sixteen
Transmission, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.5 turbo diesel
Set.: Intence
Bodywork: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall assessment

Don’t own a car, was on the test drive 01.10.16. Boryspil exposed off-road ride, a friend called. While he was in the queue I actually nothing better to do, signed up for the Kadjar to travel on Boryspil highway.

Design missing, because the taste and color of comrades there. Although I would like to note the similarity of the tail lights and the tailgate as a whole with sportages. However now the cars are all on top of each other in detail like steel.

Equipment top, without some of the optional Goodies. LED lights which, due to the fact that the street light could not be assessed, combined leather/cloth interior, tracking bands, and much more. In principle a good idea. Drive car only the front, because only goes with the motor 1, 6, and mechanics. In the cabin/trunk space +/- in sportazh, maybe a little less in the salon in the back. But certainly more than in the Mazda CX-5. Seats can be folded with a lever from the trunk. Media and the climate is not particularly working.

A separate paragraph would like to mention tidy. The combination of the tachometer and speedometer in one well, I somehow misunderstood. Maybe it’s a matter of habit, but immediately understand the condition of revs/speed you’re difficult. 2 wells for me as something familiar.

Drive. Went only for Boryspil, respectively, to evaluate the suspension could not. Motor and gearbox left a dual impression. Like box clicking fast, like up to 60-70 km/h the car goes… And then all. In a situation going 70 over conventional truck and tearing into the oncoming lane know it’s bad. Don’t know how tuned to each other box and motor, but the acceleration is very bad. But after 130 is more fun overtaking. Somehow it is not clear, it is difficult to assess the capabilities of the machine, they depend on the situation. While I’m on the diesels did not go ahead, maybe I misunderstood something. The Manager confirmed my feelings from riding about the dynamics at different speeds.

At a constant speed of 110 km/h instantaneous flow rate of 4 liters. What about the 4 liters in the city in question I don’t understand. Although it was silly to expect the veracity of the estimated consumption. The start/stop for example in the car. In General, the person that can go 110 on the highway for a long time, auto rather like it.

Something like that, even rolled the Mazda diesel but that’s another story. My first diesel test drive, so don’t blame me, all writing is my IMHO and all that. The pictures are terrible, fotkal sneakers. All smooth roads!

Car pros:— the car is perceived more positive than the Qashqai (design, comfort in the cabin, instead of a variator, the robot (this is the question of reliability, not his work);
— the city is likely to be a good speaker (I’m not went);
— Good equipment with LED headlights and a bunch of other buns;
— according to a Manager have a good winter preparation with heat as the interior and fuel system;

Cons of the car:— a bunch of motor/box, possible by themselves or other cars are good, but not on the Kadjar.
— dynamics on the track;
— configuration diesel/automatic/all-wheel drive no (although I, for example, in all-wheel drive is not needed);

Advice to buyer: For the city model is good. On the track I would like to experience the capabilities of the machine more, at least I had the feeling that the overtaking to go on this car is terrible.

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