Opinion about Renault Kadjar 1.5 l turbo 2016 from Yuri Dolganov from Nikolaev

Renault Kadjar

Year, mileage: 2016, 4.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.5 turbo diesel
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 5.7 l/100km, on the highway: 3.5 l/100km, average: 5.2l/100km

Buying a car was preceded by a long selection and agony! Riding competitors at all times 2-3: Kia Sportage, Nissan Qashqai, looking Kuga and Mazda CX-5 new. The Kadjar won in terms of price/buns/technical component. I do not argue that the Mazda CX-5 in Fule will be steeper — but the price!!! Kuga didn’t like the ergonomics of the cabin (many small buttons, unclear as located, for example, the climate over the gearshift knob which blocks the access), plus the consumption of the upset (40 minute test went 10.5), we can say four-wheel drive and the 2.0 motor but for me it was not important. Sportage with a gun and a 1.7 diesel engine is very poor and poor fair ((( — one radio pixel with red letters/numbers killed on the spot. Although the quality of materials at height. But again — the consumption of 8.7 per 40 minute test drive this fiasco. Qashqai dropped immediately after the first test, the quality of the salon very upset, although a lot of buns, and chambers of the circular review, and sensors of all sorts — but this plastic…and General feeling in the cabin is cheap some what-if… But also the work of the variator didn’t like it, plus again, the flow along the same trail, rode for about 40 min — 8.8 l/100km.

When buying Qajar in the cabin gave winter tires and a good discount.

Kadar liked the fact that in the parameters I care about (usability/quality/price) — he was the best. Consumption on test was 5.8 (on the same track as the competitors), the work-box and motor in the bundle is just fabulous!!! A very pleasant feeling that everything is clear and predictable. I must say — the power of the engine missing head for a leisurely drive around the city in the General flow and on the highway up to 150 km/h If you start to drown, the flow immediately increases. Quality interior and build two heads taller Qashqai. Almost like the Sportage, all neatly, without gaps, no squeaks, nice plastics, pens, seat from combination skin very comfortable. The most pleasant way — not bumpy, not noisy, very comfortable without sacrificing handling!

For 4500км about reliability I will not write — although a bunch of CDC + 1.5 diesel К9К not new and no problem.

Consumption after 6000 km should go to the passport, but I doubt it. Now in the city, 5.7 on the highway 3.8, an average of about 5.2.

I will unsubscribe then, to the extent possible!

Car pros:+ the quality of the interior;
+ high Seating position and comfortable seats are heated, spacious;
+ Full-Led adaptive headlight — for this you need to take Intens equipment!!!
running moderately soft, not at the expense of taxiing on a poor asphalt not sausage, trivia swallows gently, without shaking;
+ digital instrument panel is something! Very bright, high quality, no pixels. 4 options panel 5 color options you can configure for every taste and mood. I have 5 different profiles once configured, periodically change;
+ consumption of course. Above all praise;
+ the audio system sounds great (for rock and metal music the most, but who love the club and electronic — bass will not be enough);
+ a lot of electronic assistants (blind spots, camera, parktronics, track layout, switching the near/far, light sensors/rain, voice control, etc.);
+ stylish key card in white, looks awesome!

Cons of the car:— Shumka arches bad. when riding on gravel can be heard. In this guise the doors and the engine compartment is good, the wind. passing cars and the engine is not audible;
navigation is not very good, despite the fact that I already updated the card to latest, Nikolaev drawn badly — room houses and driveways is not. Other cities have not yet considered, but for trips still need another navik I think;
— boot lid conveniently opens — a place where brothers hand low, and always dirty, could in the maximum configuration to make the electric drive;
— metal engine protection, only plastic will deliver.

Advice to buyer: Take the complete set Intens. The car is excellent according to the criteria of price/quality/practicality. For a young family who travels extensively is the best choice!

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