Opinion about Peugeot Boxer Fourgon 2.8 TD 2006 on And from Kiev

Peugeot Boxer

Year, mileage: 2006, 200.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 2.8 diesel

Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Took the car from Holland in 2010, the Mileage 150000км. First owner. At first I could not get enough. The engine is awesome. With a traffic light makes any car. On highway 160, easy. Edit — Hooray, that with a load, without. In the cabin — all for a «white» person: a / C, cruise, heated. visibility — SUPER!!! But after 10000km, the suspension came down in flames. «I think: it is not known how many before me have traveled, will make the conscience,» Given — 14000грн (all hodowca new + grip + steering rack). Happiness — enough for 5000km. and went in a circle: left bearing, right bearing, amorti, tips, etc. And broke all at a time, but it does the job. I changed it all three times, put original and Chinese — everything went smooth. And that I have already started obesity even maaalenkoe fossa. Spent vskidku — thousand dvadtsyat In early 2012 I decided to sell this miracle, and here I was waiting for a surprise. No call, and the price is more than acceptable. After half a year of trying to sell — put it outbid. Sometimes I go to a website where they sold — so people still sell))) in Short — do NOT BUY — it’s cheaper to hire a driver with his car than to serve these things.

Car pros:comfort for the driver.
Powerful engine.
Perfectly painted body.

Cons of the car:the Chassis.
Very strand to sell.

Advice to buyer: do Not buy.

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