Opinion about Peugeot Boxer Fourgon 2.2 l turbo 2007 from Igor from Odessa

Peugeot Boxer

Year, mileage: 2007, 1.478 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 2.2 turbo diesel
Set: 2.2HDI120 L3H2
Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

The car performance is pleasantly surprising. With such dimensions easily competes with cars.Turbine picks up after 2500 rpm. and produces peak power at 3500 rpm. Long transmission range is quite wide (e.g. 6-spikes between 70 and steadily gaining up to 160km/h). At maximum load (1.3 t), the dynamics is reduced, but not critical, just not rushing it :-). To download you can just a lot :-) only 13 cubes. On a slippery road and the drifts confidently fires ASR — does not slip even on slicks :-) and ESP helps you align the car after the skid, felt the help of electronics. ABS works great on all speeds, it is nice beating up and Recalling some kind of protection before the idiots on the road :-). Repairs and maintenance — look for normal masters, taking money for specific work and not the loot of French air :-). You will find them — and be satisfied with the price of the car at purchase, and the cost of subsequent operation and maintenance. Quality inexpensive parts in bulk (twin brothers for over 30 years — Citroen Jumper and Fiat Ducato). Yes, the most important thing. Do not mess with the cars produced in Russia (Ryazan) (with ASR, a widely don’t). Their quality is significantly lower than peers, released in Europe. Cars, released in Europe, reliability is not inferior to brand-name Sprinter. By the way, world speed record on a bus in 207км/h belongs to the twin brother similar to Ducato 2.3 120 multijet, forced chip to 200L.with. And the drag coefficient of these models is 1.31 and the shape of the muzzle is borrowed from high-speed trains :-). Pleasantly surprised by the fuel consumption in the city up to 10 liters per 100km. Conclusion: car and driver — well-thought-out ergonomics of the cabin, all conveniently at hand, and for a business — inexpensively, reliably and efficiently.

Car pros:pros ten times more than the minuses is that spoon of tar spoils a barrel of honey.

Cons of the car:the original tie rods and ball joints for a long time our roads can not stand, you need to give the craftsmen in the restoration — then go a lot longer.

Advice to buyer: decided to buy — take only «Europeans», the quality of their build significantly stands out from the global counterparts (produced in Russia, Turkey, Asia, USA).

Through 9 months. and 16 days Igor has added: Offer arguments to go over some negatives, pre-armed «Maxim» (gun-who do not understand). All write time is not enough. In passing, about some.

1. Problems of original and licensed spare parts-suspension parts.

No matter-the original or a license. Pick up a new ball Werner (tip, support, traction). Fingers take a hold of its threaded portion. Now move along different trajectories in the range 360градусов. Easy, right? Now the car industry are producing. Sell touted that this is the original, you give a lot of money setting up, and after some time start to deprecate the car! And where does Mashiny?! I’m talking about the quality of the s/h in relation to habitat! If the ball joint is easy to rip off the arm, imagine that it will be under load at the Ukrainian Rocade (the miracle-road to the Motherland)! The result — you are unhappy, lose their hard-earned, while blaming everyone from a to z (for the mother). It’s not worth it. This is a global trend of car manufacturers is reducing the quality of materials used, reducing the cost of the product. More profitable to sell more items at an average price. Turnover. While this product or the product came to you-it has made a lot of people. So everything is organized, everyone is happy about this except you. It’s the necklace that you personally will not break. Take it as is,and with your old details, please refer to the turners. Let them earn. They’re disposable parts will make the parts reusable (flare and make the gland), and using materials of improved quality. Ball joint bolt after normal Turner just won’t break on 360градусов, you need to put a lot of effort. However, none of the engineers did not calculate withstand load of a chain will tell you what is wrong. And our roads will not stand up to scrutiny. Earned a — ride and nobody can. About right and wrong will find themselves. Then. When will be considered your blood. For commercial vehicles by far.

2. Some problems of quality diesel engines and systems.

The entire auto industry of Europe moved to the end of 2006 to the environmental standard Euro 4. A lot of cars, and the problems are the same. DPF filter, diesel particular-filter (diesel protivokashlevy, aka the catalyst). Can not withstand the reduced fuel quality. Frequent projigi aggressive combustion products upravlyaut ceramic honeycombs, bring him down,score. Discharge pressure before DPF rises, damaged turbine, the electronics puts the engine into protective mode (limits rpm). In the worst case — if you do not intervene electronics — penetration of the decay products of the comb into the combustion chambers of the cylinders or the ignition due to the increased pressure and temperature. The filter costs about 1тысячи euros, plus or minus. Our learned. Ceramic honeycomb beat — do automatically standard Euro3 and alter the fuel maps of the engine control units under the standard Euro3 (change management program the brain-adjusting fuel maps). Or install a dummy for pressure sensors (measurement is before and after DPF), temperature (before, after), lambda probe. But ceramics distracting in any way. Slightly increases the fuel consumption and the content of oxides in the exhaust. Which way to go you have a choice. The impression is that the automakers came up with and implemented the DFT specifically for profit and hiding behind the screen of a struggle with the environment. Again earns a whole chain of people, and you pay. Draw your own conclusions.

3. A separate issue — a dual-mass flywheels.

Damn, came up with the same. Reduction of vibrations, reduction of vibrations, facilitating start… 600 euros, plus or minus. Consist of two parts connected by dampers. The clutch plates or in a sports car without dampers or with additional springs. Nursed from 60 to 120 thousand km. Burst internal damping of the spring, then the distortion of one part relative to another. As a consequence, the runout of the subsequent scrapping of the bearing or guide shaft, the gear transmission, the crankshaft sensor… there is a nasty rumble at idle, disappears when you increase the speed or press the clutch pedal (centered, heartbeat stops). Treated in several ways. Either size is chosen to set a single-mass flywheel-disc-clutch cover (the same money could save 100-200 euros), or put the b/u dual-mass with the disassembly (or our Polish, about 300долларов), or to disassemble his home, tinkering to find the spring (repair kit), change them with subsequent otbalansirovannoy (preferably on the machine) — will be released before 300долларов. In any case, the automaker went to the trick by far. And tell — reduced vibrations, now when you start it is impossible to stall even if you drop the clutch pedal. The official services tell stories about what they say, you cannot install a single-mass kits instead of dual-mass, vibration can break the crankshaft… Nonsense. Until 2005, almost all auto single-mass flywheels with standard basket and clutch discs. According to Valeo, for example, a single-mass kits manufacturers give catalog numbers for the original, this services are silent or simply do not know. No one is interested to save your money but yourself. So look for info in the Internet, on the forums, filter.

4. Trends in the automotive industry. Give the «VIA».

For anybody not a secret that the basis of the earnings of automobile manufacturers — spare parts. The fact that you bought the car — only the fact, pay for its cost with a small mark-up. In the process of operation, you pay the manufacturer a much greater amount for the purchased spare parts than for the car itself. All cleverly calculated in advance. Chain manufactures and distributors. We accept it as it is. We love cars — prestigious, beautiful and luxurious, versatile and practical, commercial and necessary. The trend is that everything is gradually reduced to a block Assembly and replacement. And from this one unit, you cannot buy any one item out of service and standing of the penny. You need to buy the Assembly. It’s simple. Who knows the structure, principles of work — see background. Fundamentally new vehicle no one has yet created. All the same structural framework, the same engine and the electric motors, the system and layout. Principles unchanged, added troubles, the producers of sophisticated cunning. And, although the more sophisticated of automakers cause yet smile and laugh when you get to the bottom of it, still felt slight nostalgia for the reliable quality cars of the past two decades. And with more and more electronics thinks and does everything for the driver. Want to know how to drive — get behind the wheel of the good old mechanical cars and hone driving skills on them, learn to think for themselves behind the wheel and feel the car.

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