Opinion about KIA Stinger 2.0 l turbo 2018 from Anton from Sebastopol

KIA Stinger

Year, mileage: 2018, 3.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.0 turbo petrol

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 11.0 l/100km, on the highway: 8.0 l/100km, average: 9.0l/100km

In General, there comes a time when we remember the immortal words of Ostap Bender that the car is not a luxury but a means of transportation, designed to comfortably move and not to repeat the feats of Adam Kozlevich of the same work.

So – solved, it is necessary to purchase one NEW car! Looking for a sedan, station wagon class D and above in the normal configuration , not vegetable dynamics, without variable-speed drives, and robots. It remains to combine financial ability and personal expectations to the level of equipment, comfort, performance and reliability. I can say that for a person accustomed to ride on BU premium it is virtually impossible and requires compromises. Since the budget is defined in 2.5 million rubles., and all like that from new is from 3 and significantly higher.

Oh, so you’ll have to buy a Camry, I thought, and went to see a new generation of super advertised, and popularly beloved car…. And once again it was convinced – not mine, well not mine, despite a more sporty appearance, the driving characteristics remain unchanged – enough cotton that the gas pedal that the brakes, sofa type chair, hodowca soft, the rolls are decent – well, not driversi car in all respects. Dynamic performance 7.7 sec to hundreds on the 3.5 l engine is not impressive at all, and 2., 5 in my opinion only for the city to dramatically accelerate on the highway for overtaking would be problematic, but on the highway I drive a lot. As a passenger on this ride nice and steer — no particular desire. The same impressive infiniti M37 in the presence of all-wheel drive and 333 horses produces significantly more positive impressions ( about the quality of the interior materials, I generally keep quiet — when the mileage 200tys the condition of the cabin was on 4+ at least.

Oh sorrow, sorrow – Mercedes E and BMW 5 series in more or less normal configuration is already 3 million Volkswagen and Audi I do not see after the sad experience of owning a 3-year old A7. And then stumble on a photo of this «Maserati for the poor» as one of the reviewers on YouTube. Watched a bunch of reviews and went for a test drive to the dealer. Half an hour driving to radically change my attitude to the Korean car industry is the test machine rulitsya very dignified, resilient suspension tenacious brakes. Looks unusual, the interior is not annoying, Sidhi comfortable. Reliability rating KIA in recent years — where on the first line, where the second upstairs.

Based on these considerations and purchased the stinger in the configuration of the GT-line. Drove nearly 3000km in 2 weeks I can say – it seems that the choice I was not mistaken. And if the design of the spec from Audi I have some questions, the man from BMW who set a bunch of motor-box, suspension and brakes issues just yet! Rulitsya car … like a BMW with anything else I experience I can not compare. And I love BMW and I think its the best car for the driver.

Stinger — taxiing, the brakes, cornering with virtually no roll, oddly enough very energy-intensive suspension at the 19-th disks and this machine is for the driver, without options! Well give the Koreans — kicked the Germans out of the world Cup, and will soon be kicked out of the leaders of the automotive industry! On the highway the speed 180-200 does not cause any discomfort ( feels like no more than 120) car on the road is like a glove. Demonica… well, not a hurricane, the «hurricane» we had to take a clean GT, but more than enough for the active drive.

There is a video where the author says that the stinger «does not go», and claimed 6 seconds to a hundred and there is no trace, and in the best case 8сек, then I can honestly say that perhaps six seconds the Koreans overreacted, but at the 98-th gasoline is definitely less than 7 seconds. From the start there is a mad explosion, as the Cayenne turbo, but acceleration in highway mode because I like to accelerate from 100 to 160 km is obtained very quickly so overtaking on the highway no problem at all. Importantly, the smart radar had on the camera to warn you. Very pleased with the cornering and serpentine in the area of Sevastopol and the South coast missing.

We move to the interior equipment. In the GT-Line all the stuffed buns, I can think of – and then the monitoring of blind spots, and the circular field of view cameras on the perimeter, the projection on the windshield, wireless phone charging, the seats, seats with mini Ottoman and cushion adjustment on the back. The list can be long, it’s easier to write that I have the opportunity almost any time to use the BMW 630D GT 2017 in the maximum configuration, and so, as a result of comparison of the feature set to Behe only added the ability to leave their garage without a driver, the ability not to crash ( down the bastard herself, than very scare) air suspension with adjustable clearance and stiffness and dotage doors.

On road performance and dynamics of machines is very similar, the set of options in the cabin is comparable, but the difference in the level of «status» and the General feel of the car class, of course it is, and hiding it is stupid, so I do not understand. on the Internet comparing BMW 6 GT, AUDI A7 and the stinger.

I went to all of the above, and I can say that stinger is the maximum driving pleasure, functionality and comfort that You can afford over 2, 5 million. rubles when buying a car of this class. If possible, shell out 4-5 million rubles for a new car – option of stinger not even be considered, but in its price range — by far the best deals there is in my opinion.

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