Opinion about Fiat Fiorino Cargo 1.3 l turbo 2010 from Igor CHIMNEYS from the Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk)

Fiat Fiorino

Year, mileage: 2010, 135.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.3 turbo diesel
Body type: van, 3 DV.

Overall rating

Chose to spec van with a maximum area for advertising. From all on the secondary market was pleased with the appearance only of Fiorino. After purchase, replaced all fluids, brake discs with pads, ropes backstage, wheels with rubber for joy and emotion. Yes, even the rails were placed as the handle of the suitcase… the Base is short, and kozlit a bit and clings to the road beautifully. Electro bells and whistles is more than enough and whispers in Italian female voice laskavo. Turning radius unique small, and the engine is grumpy at low and with the increase in the pedal more than 3 thousand, he pushes the black barns in traffic.

Car pros:Bright, creative, unique, fun, Groovy heel with pananim the naughty nature of the Playa, with a claim to excellence.

Cons of the car:Took not new, and slightly inconvenienced by someone else related to cars.

Advice to buyer: Car is for those who believe in luck and making this your strength… For Sluts, assholes, losers and just not happy, there are other models. Just don’t want the same car as me, to see You. :)

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