Opinion about Citroen C4 Cactus 1.6 l turbo 2018 from Dim-Dim from Kiev

Citroen C4 Cactus

Year, mileage: 2018, 3.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.6 turbo diesel
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 5.4 l/100km, road: 4.0 l/100km, average: 5.2l/100km

Hedgehog is already the 3rd month, in fact it is not enough for a new machine and it would be good to go first then roll there opinion. But somehow before THE long ride so I write now.

The first impression is very good. Suspension is tight, steering wheel is light, one hand is spinning freely, the girls will appreciate. About the fit: my height is 183 cm, and as it appeared to sit comfortably is not so easy, lack of removal of the steering wheel, this defect is considered in the new model. But a little powersaw by turning the levers were vmestila. Wife, with a height of 175 cm to sit very comfortable. He himself sit freely and comfortably, there is enough space for legs.

About the brakes: soft, realized compared to the volvo s40 and ravon r1, then they are somehow dispensed. After reading a little about the brake system it turned out that there is «bun» which is sometimes (not always) helps to press you, trifle, but nice.

About the stabilization system esp: a trip on the ice that is slippery and Packed snow, and as it turned out, this system darget on the pulse of everything. Disabling it, the machine begins to stall at small throttle, and the idea was that these 100 horses and that customized fit.

About the passengers and their opinions: the wife always goes low in the back and moving forward the first phrase, which she gave: «Oh, why is there so little space». In General, the rear legroom is more than the front (car seat is of medium size). Not that it was a problem, but this is the first feeling which comes to people, a couple people told me the same thing.

About the comfort and sound insulation: this B colas and chumki not enough, of course a sacrilege to go to this outlandere after which demand from the cactus of the same. Since then everything is fine, when going out of town on a cruise, not zadvorny bumps, all comfortable and not annoying.

About the service vidi-citroen: sorry boys, but those service you have sucks. It is the service, not the sales Department. What is actually uncertain: the pressure sensors in the tires are crooked because of what the computer is constantly talking about the need to swap wheels at first THEN plan to improve.

When I picked up the car it seemed that the suspension is too stiff for testdrive was not so. Smart people suggested to check the pressure of wheels, and what do you think of the required 2.4 at all wheels was 3.

For extra buns: they took the car and complete under him did not have the possibility, included in the park assist, Parking sensors, rear view camera, fog lights, wheel 17 radius. Now this in a row. About park assist thing is cool, machine-like parks itself and you just click on the as gas/brake, but in fact unnecessary, we’ve played 10 times and then he parked. Parking sensors, rear view camera. it is convenient for me. Fog lights — they have a feature if you drive at low speeds and turn the steering wheel in the direction of rotation turns on the foglights, if you provoke in the garage cooperative it is comfortable. 17 the radius on it is beautiful, no doubt. But it is better to take 16 , and in the winter put 15th. It’s cheaper and it makes the suspension softer as I said earlier, the machine shot down plump and suspension including.

Stuff: the vents on the rear doors, is a separate issue. As practice shows, this is not a problem, that’s straight no problem. You will say, how to throw trash out the window? Yes, what would you have the engine dropped a dime if you throw trash out the window. To ventilate this lack of head and life in the back seat does not hinder. About the trunk is 350 liters, while vlazit stroller (with bassinet), baby car seat, a couple of backpacks. In General, for 3 people enough.

Advantages of vehicle:— ground clearance.
— expense.
— permeability, but it is conditional :) When riding in deep snow, the impression of the Rover, but it is not. Just a cool feeling.

Cons of the car:— I would like more chumki on the wheel arches.
— not enough light for rear passengers.

Advice to buyer: — do not take in picking park assist, a useless thing.
— do not put the factory bryzhovata stsuko expensive and they are plastic. High ground clearance and allows you to jump on the bardyury and there to leave the plastic original bryzhovata :)

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