Google has added new features to the service Drive for corporate users

Google announced several significant innovations in online file storage Drive. All they are focused on increasing the attractiveness of the service for the corporate segment.Additionally, Google representatives said that the service Drive, there are 800 million daily active users, which probably makes it the largest cloud storage service on the market.One of the new features will be a File Stream Drive. It will allow owners of laptops with Windows or Mac not to worry about free space on the drive, synchronize certain files using certain services. About it in the background will take care of new feature.In Google believe that the service Drive should be more suitable for use in the team. Corporate solution Team Drives for sharing files, which was launched as a technology preview last year, has passed the testing process and resolve issues (especially access rights). It’s now available for General use.Google Vault for Drive is focused on large enterprises requiring the need for tools for archiving and storage of data. The launch of this tool was delayed somewhat, as the team expected readiness and the broader launch Team Drives.Not without machine learning technology. On its basis created a function to Quick Access. She analyzes patterns of behavior and user interaction with Google services to provide the right data at the right time. This feature is available in Google Drive and Drive Time for Android, iOS and web version.Source: techcrunch
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