A review on Opel Zafira B 1.8 l 2007, Michael from Mirgorod

Opel Zafira

Year, mileage: 2007, 152.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.8 petrol

Body type: minivan, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Opel Zafira, V., 2007. 1.8 l 140 K. S., MT.

Good day. «Poker» I vzhe schos writing about miy car ale long I nebagato. May there is a will, roscherite beklagen as vrazhennya from Volodina CIM avtomobilem. Bought mi Yogo from 2009 year at dvorchany VC I s problom 96 tis. km.!!! Khudi is not known that so many sdiv poperedni vlasnik Bo I year progday vsogo 9 -10 thousand km away, although th skin iju day. In this 2015 rotsi bude 6 years Yak exploito car. Probs in March 2015 to rock Sklave 152000 km.

Vrazhennya duzhe position. Here it should be noted, that I don’t pracuju on advertising, I Prosti, its, pracuju wildcam and avtomobl love not tilki those scho stink perevozit us tudy-syudy, and shte th fact scho stink top technologicznego development of suspilstva I pokaznyk economcial development of the country. Briefly Cauchi, car for me I transport I job, I rosumos they navti I love, and the fact th obsluhoval only himself. Nikoli od mene VI is not pochte — OCA machine. and TL SOSM not fit. Have cogno brand, and especially, okremo model svoï ) , » pros MOSI, that vrahoun have CN I priznachena automoble.

Scho meni podobala:

— CIM MSCI have salon potribni not often so Prime ale, scho stink always with you.
— Duzhe prostori trunk 650 ltrv have a typical 5-msnaa Varant, and when skladany zadeh I (sanota) seredni sidnej maєmo 1820 m2 I rvno pclogo.
— High ventegodt 570 kg.
— Vdna caravansary I Galma. Good dinamka 11, 5 sec. to 100 km ( maximum швидкість197 km/year. for Puteri-gotonoga semeynogo automoble.
— Zruchna visoka, if need, fit.
— Accn materials perednia panel. Postijno pdsva priladiv when vdcin doors, sprawd swam the headlights to the doors unochi, CLIMAT, Cruz control, normal Musica — 6 dynamc, 4 pillows BEZPEKA, BEZPEKA Pasca s poperedni interference — t ). By the way, TSE education package.
— Duzhe efektne first efektivne rsena frmi Adam Opel to do Stalev Colin disks form legkoplavkim , prikriti h accname the Kovpaka, hto not know not povrety scho it is not litt.
— Engine (Z18XER) sauvagine a lot. Oil mnay 8-10 tees. km. Bo iju, in the main, regim stop-start, and TSE Nighy option for the motor. For servco rekomenduoti 15 tis. km.
— Z oil experimentou take those scho pichet the manufacturer of the GM 5W30. Olivanna niyakogo is not required, the rest 0.5 l z 5 ltrw vikoristannya on the bike or tillers.
— General motor duzhe vdali. Located close to the 140 HP and 175 Nm of I Krutogo time, s 1.8 l, without supercharger TSE high pokaznyk. Podrn pokusniki je lachey motor 1.8 from Honda (pokusniki paternost I point one to one) tilki of rozregulowany better. Obajana skeptics-not dwellers hripel I don’t clinked Chester raspodeliti valve I fazi bulls f not economte the experiments on mass!!!!!! Will sdite without problems.
— Diesel — only the WOG zvichayniy A95 I times on the year tank A95 Mustang.
— Timing kit panav (himself) 140 tis. when norm Prabhu 150 tis. SNAT remni I have two videos vdna Stani.
— Pump state Ridna of pitane dumb, ale mnati , easy to operate Bo won Sunnm clinovir belt (alternator, air conditioner kompresora I pump).
Box manual 5 stupeniv. Working vdmn, peredach because rods I duzhe CDO, Yak sattribute have msca fxac.
Pedal e-gas without any problems, plus it’s important function at idle hot (leg sniata s pedal gas) machine wigga on whether Yak grku.
— Bitrate PAL for mistu (district 45 tis. population) vlcko 8, 0-9, 5 vzimku 9, 5-11 L. (fallow od quality pribirannya snhu). On tras at 80-90 km/year. — about 6.3 km from l 100-110 120-140 l -7.2 -8.5 -9л., 150 km — 10-11 litres mayzhe duotone cars pokusniki Neogen.
— Vzimku machine duzhe Shvydko nabira will roboco temperature thank thermostat, and in salon heat duzhe heat.
— Air conditioning, Yak , VSI INSHI, potrebu topping off the refrigerant (Р134). TSE I robev 1 time after kupul car from 2009 year I to tsogo hour good working.
— Vdgko NSA read, what to slazit Farba z zadeh door Chi school here. Don’t know, but nichogo not slazit I nide truth not raw.
— Car zbrani M. Llsk s polskogo body I nemeckih komplektuyuschih. When krupnouzlovoj zbrz quality automoble niyak not pogroms. United Ukrainian RC have mashini TSE batteries «STA» Chi Vesta», I don’t want to digitise, Ter ische give.
— Estimation of a car. Under a navisky CN sprimalima Yak digit auto vidago class than Opel Astra.
— Vdott «parody» automoble — propeci, nmech.

Scho not podobala, vrse not showsm udovolst:

Gearbox is guilty Buti 6 stupendous. Stock photosnot engine viscacha s head, and from economony on the great shvidkistj could b Buti widow. When vidcast 105 km. already 3000 oberts. Z nsogo side her supply of traction I get in, provides easy navti 5 peredach.
— Shirak Peren of stiki, that sutto perekryvaet look around SLV. Required troch vigliadeti if you do not want problems s prohodili. Rozum, scho TSE payment for 5 star s BEZPEKA.
— If dash himself mozhut troch stocate sharni sign other row there Bo foldable system transformat. Ter can oboroti.

Scho lamellosa, mineloa:

— Lamellosa nichogo, navti bulbs not gorli. Hi sbrega, slabke the meeting place still je — TSE Oberwald door pull (limiters rosiyskoyu). There stirayutsya plastmasu kolpachki on springs I ti vbivayutsya have plastmasovih cravings. Navti apartment is in good condition niyak vccint. Not posite, lamati, all dosite easy remontus if you can trimate in the hands of sepilok Chi INSHI Slusar strumenti.
— Mnav stupica-pdspn perednego right wheel — nallv to wiawso s vantaggi trotuaru tile. Well I of course having previously governed the disk. Then th ociv Yogo.
— Pull-sticky stabilizator, gallman pads, timing belt, kolejowa rdino I fltri — TSE all Roshan materials. Predn I sedn amortizatori RDN and on samo not are asked. Rear PDVSA wyglada vcnou. God forbid dwellers so I Bulo.

Well it seems everything. Wrse say what about scho, but not all toil between terpinnya so many read. Pdswoq: machine nadzvychaina unversally for responsivity people s bagatto homeland or for quiet, hto Hoca not dortega «pirika» and move the decal required many. Low-cost.

Will power verticasa VDPAU.

Advice to buyer: If you want you chogo from automoble not poshcode.

In 31 months. and 5 days, Michael has added: Good day. Thank you all, hto ociv miy Perche ugguk. Proyshla has 2 rocky exploitat I moju demo dopolnite. Prong at a time 169000 km Polit a long time, nichogo, happiness, not smylsya. Bula lachey one polomka — vishow s fret sensor temperature I od tsogo in wmcintosh saplen all spinning ventilator radiator (navti on cold). Samna duzhe easy, nichogo slivata not required, Bo VIN (sensor) UGAR bilya thermostat)- vacinov of proginy fcator I wimi. Vartist 260 UAH. Swag.
View from the past rock panav us 4 gallman discs, brake pads, galvo rdino I RDIO Gur. TSE purshia all times on Prabhu 163000 . Drives mozhna Bulo I don’t mnati ale meni not hotelsa of pitane halimah have on road safety. Drives the I pads spansk Roadhouse. For cores viyavilos odne meeting place-pid usinagem door sill. Not sadouqi ridnu Farben all pozdrav,pozicia, obrubov I poprobovav z spray.
From the I all. The motor is in order (swoke Yak Novi,light brown Colora (mnav 30000 ago). Amortizatori has not Tecuci and good trimout, ale on drvna moves vgcheats scho samnite it’s desirable.
Recommend servce probg, scorodite z 15000, as recorded in structs, up to 7-8 thousand. km SD have. and if sdite are many on the highway that 10-12 tees. km, I thank you to pobachennya.

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